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Learn 3 key things you MUST know to get an ROI on networking NO MORE WASTED EFFORT 1. Collaborations yield Clients 2. How a Circle of Introduction can lead to your Circle of Trust 3. Our top 3 tips to make Social Media Networking work for you Outcome: Understand who to collaborate with to yield results Outcome: Understand the Key steps to build trust in a relationship Outcome: Toolkit to help with getting exposure through social media that yields results To Book:

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Business in Heels is a global women’s networking company driven by the understanding that women do it differently! Through virtual channels and a regular series of localised events designed to motivate, inspire and connect women from all industries and backgrounds, great things have happened. It’s a proven recipe nestled in the understanding that women want, need and display different qualities and motives for making connections that result in mutually beneficial relationships. This shared bond results in one thing – ladies getting together and moving mountains for each other! The aura of helpfulness, care and fun at every Business in Heels event is as pervasive as it is moving and has resulted in wonderful business and career breaks for many women. Business in Heels events provide the atmosphere for business women to create their own opportunities. With an emphasis on fun, these events enable participants to mingle easily and develop mutually beneficial relationships across a broad spectrum of specialties and businesses. Along with value-packed goodie bags, nibbles and uplifting inspirational speakers, the evenings are a magnet for women wanting to discuss commercial and career prospects with other like-minded ladies. Over a glass of bubbles, who knows what might happen! Don't forget to wear your prettiest heels, there is always the "Best Heels" prize as well!

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