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CTO School Brisbane
CTO School Brisbane
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Level 19 127 Creek St. · Brisbane

How to find us

Building doors and public lift access close at 6pm. If you find yourself locked outside or can't reach level 19, call the Thoughtworks office at (07) 3129 4506

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What we'll do

You asked, and we listened!

August's event is an exciting combo of a Lean Coffee/Open Fishbowl conversation. That means you (yes you!) get to decide what you'd like to hear about from your fellow members!

💡Please add a topic on our slid.do:

How this will work:
We will ask for 3 volunteers to sit in 3 of 4 chairs (the centre of the fishbowl) and ask that they grab one of the topics from the list.

Should someone want to add to the conversation happening in the centre fishbowl, or switch up the conversation, (by grabbing another topic off the list), all they have to do is jump in and occupy the empty chair. This effectively “ejects” one of the 3 people who were occupying the chair (typically the one who sat in the longest, or the one who is faster on their feet to leave!) The rest of the audience is asked to just listen as the conversation unfolds. (Should you wish to talk, jump into the empty chair!)

Time keeping and facilitation by your wonderful CTO School hosts.

6pm: Networking and Pizza
6:30pm: Fishbowl begins!
7pm: 10 minute break
7:10pm: Fishbowl continues
7:40pm: Event end, last call for drinks and networking
8:00pm: Good evening and good night!

Dinner and drinks provided by ThoughtWorks. Thank you, ThoughtWorks, for your continued support! https://www.thoughtworks.com/

Code of Conduct
We want CTO School to be inclusive and safe so that anyone can enjoy the event. Please make sure you read our code of conduct.

Learn more
More about fishbowls here:

More about lean coffee here:
http://leancoffee.org (http://leancoffee.org/)