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Cairns Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga
Cairns Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga
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Dragonfly Zen

142-144 Grafton St · Cairns City

How to find us

Across fro Performing Arts Centre, above Cyrus Rugs.

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What we'll do

This is a traditional Hatha Yoga class based on authentic Indian Tantric Yoga tradition.

In modern society many of us have been hurt and have retreated from the world. This class will retraining the mind and body to open up to the world with a new found confidence. Students are guided into specially chosen physical postures (asana) that will activate Anaharta chakra (heart) for greater self acceptance, compassion and connection with the world.

The class is suitable for everyone regardless of age, physical ability or previous yoga experience. A slower, mindful approach to postures (asana) is taken and held for a longer time allowing the muscles and fascia to stretch and release tensions.

The activation of energy centres (chakras) and he healing benefit of each asana is mentioned and most classes will incorporate breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation.

With regular practice you will build awareness, flexibility and strength of mind, body and emotions. The solar and lunar energies in the body and mind are aligned resulting in improved physical health, greater emotional balance and inner harmony.

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