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We welcome all professionals who are engaged in software or enthusiastic about software.

We are a community of software professionals based in the Bay area and California - interested in receiving and giving support to our fellow professionals.

We provide support on many levels professionally as well as socially.

We do our best to maintain a friendly but intentional environment in our events to foster good and meaningful connections for all who attend and participate.

We host the following types of events:

1. Educational events to upgrade skills and knowledge.

2. Educational events to expose new technologies and innovation.

3. Investor events to help you get introduced to investors.

4. Networking events to connect with others in the field and potential collaborators or mentors.

5. Social events to enjoy and connect in surprising and good ways.

6. And much more!

Please join our group asap.

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AI/ML in Healthcare, Life Sciences, Medical Devices, Bio Tech & Drug Development

REGISTRATION is required. RSVP is not REGISTRATION. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScE4o7vmnSUn5AVQ_Zdgru40GCNisqJ7IgBaJEe94SQBPpDig/viewform (<= Click to REGISTER) It's a FREE community event is organized by AAPM, CSPA, SIPA, SVCA. FORMAT 5:00 PM Doors Open 5:25 PM Welcome 5:30 PM 10 Pitches & Demos (5 min each) 6:30 PM Break 7:00 PM 5-6 Panels 9:00 PM Closing SPEAKERS/INVESTORS/FOUNDERS .................. TBA soon

AAPM Excellence in Precision Oncology 2019 (ExPO2019)

Ohana Floor, Salesforce Tower East, San Francisco, CA

REGISTRATION is required. RSVP is not REGISTRATION. REGISTER below. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSce5rberfPGS2Q67ExW1ocCf_vkuOWzBUVDA4uqeL71w6FNmA/viewform (<= REGISTER and then BUY TICKET here). Upon submission of the form, you'll see a link to BUY TICKET to attend the program. The AAPM Excellence in Precision Oncology 2019 (ExPO2019) is bringing together top experts, thought leaders, and stakeholders in the precision oncology field to the San Francisco Bay Area. With the theme as “Leading the Way to the Future of Cancer Care,” the inaugural ExPO2019 forum celebrates and inspires the cancer survivors, as well as recognizes the contributions of experts, leaders and the stakeholders. The summit is bringing together, celebrity supporters, top cancers scientists, oncologists, cancer patient advocates, entrepreneurs, investors, industry executives to share their insights to achieve the common goal to prevent and cure cancer.

Latest on StanfordNLP & CoreNLP Libraries


Co-hosted by The Future of AI in IT, Bay Area NLP and CSPA. We invite you to see the Stanford NLP Group present the "StanfordNLP Library", a new python library for many languages, and take part in a hands-on tutorial of the Multilingual Neural Pipeline. 6:30 - 7:00pm: Refreshments and networking 7:00-7:10pm: Overview & history of the StanfordNLP & CoreNLP libraries by Stanford Professor Christopher Manning 7:10-7:30pm: Walkthrough of the CoreNLP client interface in StanfordNLP 7:30-7:50pm: Intro to the Multilingual Neural Pipeline and Biomedical NLP Pipeline 7:50-8:20pm: Interactive tutorial of the Multilingual Neural Pipeline + QA by Stanford Doctors Jason Bolton, Peng Qi & Yuhao Zhang 8:20-9:00pm: Mingling with speakers and new friends GRATITUDE to our host: Astound (www.astound.ai) - Service Management. Reimagined.

Tech Startup Summit: FinTech


REGISTRATION is required. RSVP is not REGISTRATION. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfSgTR1NJUXQvYTTfq2dRT79hEcmPgRnTgjsQE9GknMF4T5Aw/viewform (<= Click to REGISTER) It's a FREE community event is organized by SVI Hub, CSPA, SIPA, SVCA & AAPM. FORMAT 3:00 PM Doors Open 3:55 PM Welcome 4:00 PM 10 Pitches & Demos (5 min each) 5:00 PM 2 Panels 6:00 PM Break 6:30 PM 5-6 Panels 8:30 PM Networking & Closing SPEAKERS/INVESTORS/FOUNDERS .................. TBA soon

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