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This is a group for anyone interested in studying the fundamental building blocks of traditional Astrology. Gain insight into your motivations, timing and life patterns as well as exploring the connection between the cycles of the planets and that of human activity and consciousness, to open up whole new vistas.

For further information about the different aspects of astrology see: http://www.the-canberra-astrologer.com


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Remembering Roderick Kidston & his Stars

Julianne's in Kambah

Two years on from Roderick's untimely passing, we remember him through his final legacy, "The Magic of the Stars" - How the Stars of Astrology Enrich Your Life. This book covers, among other things, both the astronomical and astrological description of the fixed stars, the history behind the stars, as well as the Constellations and how they have been catalogued throughout history. We will examine and discuss some examples of individual stars in the charts of well known people from of Roderick’s book and discuss how these may have influenced their lives. If you have your own copy please bring it along.

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The Lunar Nodes continued

Julianne's in Kambah

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