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Meeting big groups of new people at a time can be a bit intimidating, so this meetup group will try and help members establish some longer lasting connections by bringing friendly women together to meet in smaller groups. Activities will range from cocktails, dinners, movies and upcoming or ongoing local and fun events in the area. Members are encouraged to post their own "meetups" in the group, with the only requirement being that the activities have 8 or less attendants. So whether you're interested in finding a few new dinner companions, someone to go to High Tea or watch a new movie with, or just to hang out for drinks on a Friday night, please join up!

Please note: this is a women's only group and there is a $5 every six months to assist with the cost of utilising the Meetup website. This can be paid via the PayPal button on the website, or directly via PayPal to Nicole. If more members participate in this, this may be reduced to every 12 months.

Please also feel free to join our sister group, Canberra Small Mixed Meetups. This group is for men and women but works on the same principles as this group.

Lastly, we have a strict policy on "no shows" - if you fail to turn up to an event you have RSVP'd to and do not post an apology/explanation more than 4 times, you may be removed from the group without notice. Further, the names of "unreliable" members, ie those who "no show" or pull out within 24 hours of the event will be recorded on a separate database outside the group and you will be removed from popular events in favour of any "reliable" members that are on the wait list. This is to ensure that reservations booked are always filled (as it's embarrassing for a host to book 6 places and only have 1-2 people show up), ensures noone who really wants to go misses out on a spot, and as we only host small group events, having one or two fail to show up can make an event lonely to attend since the host etc may even end up on their own! Please either wait until the day of the event and join it then, or ask the host if you are able to join the event at that time, rather than joining and then either pulling out or doing a no show. Our hosts are far more flexible about increasing numbers, than they are about decreasing.

Events that only have 2 people going (ie the host and one other person) will require that the host email the member and confirm they are going. If they do not confirm, the host reserves the right to cancel the event. If that person emails a confirmation but then still commits a "no show", they will be immediately banned from the group.

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