Chinese Tube Conversational Mandarin <> English Exchange

What we'll do

你好! Join us for a weekly casual social gathering at The Rocks to practice your Chinese<>English conversation skills, meet your local community, and put your Mandarin or English skills to the test! Reserve your spot and we’ll see you there at 2.00 PM. 不见不散!

We have a joined group, so the actual members attending the event will be more than you can see here in

1. This isn't a dating event, so for everyone's safety and comfort, please don't make unsolicited requests for personal information (phone number, email, social media, etc.) from other members. We want everyone to feel welcome, so if you violate this rule, you'll be politely asked to leave.
2. Our events are targeted for beginners, intermediate, and advanced/fluent Mandarin and English speakers.
3. Please buy at least a drink or snack to support the venue provider.
4. Your host will arrange a seat for you to ensure a good mix of language abilities. If you want to change your seat, please feel free to talk to your event host
5. This group is open to adults only.
6. We will take photos and videos during the event to share on social media. If you don't want to be included in the photos or videos, please let us know before the pictures or videos are taken
7. Please RSVP before joining our weekly event. If you arrive without RSVP it will result in a $10 ticket

One-off Admission: $2 each visit

[Other resources]
We have our own YouTube channel and Facebook group to help our members learn and practice Chinese and English.

You can subscribe to our YouTube channel today to start your Conversational Mandarin learning journey today!

Please feel free to connect with me on Facebook to request to join our group to start practice as well.

2:00 PM
Registration and Introduction

2:30 PM
Group Activities

3:30 PM
Casual Talk in Your Target Language

4:30 PM
Event Concludes