Life in Ministry Conference

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Life in Ministry Conference

Be inspired by stories from gospel workers who have sailed atop waves and been dumped beneath them. Garner key insights from professionals helping battle-weary workers to grow in resilience.

Leading theologians, ministry workers and psychologists will share their experience integrating the latest psychological research with sound theology to guard and strengthen ministry lives.

The Life in Ministry Conference is aimed at both Gospel workers and the psychological practitioners who walk alongside them. It is specifically designed to ensure you and your team walk away with actionable strategies to build the resilience of workers, for the sake of the Gospel and God's honour.

Speakers : Archie Poulos, Paul Grimmond, Valerie Ling, Jenny Brown, Kirsty Bucknell

Date: 6 August 2019
Registration Opens at 9.30am
Conference closes at 5.00pm

General Tickets: $80 Student Ticket: $40

The 3 Workshops will be offered in both session time slots. Please choose a different workshop for each session.

Moore Theological College
1 King St
Newtown, NSW 2042


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