• Ethical Practices in Analytics & AI

    Microsoft Melbourne office

    As we harness the power of AI, machine learning, and data science there is a big need to consider the larger issues with AI. Below is an excerpt from Microsoft: "The techniques used raise complex ethical and social questions: How can we best use AI to assist users and offer enhanced insights, while avoiding exposing them to discrimination in health, housing, law enforcement, and employment? How can we balance the need for efficiency and exploration with fairness and sensitivity to users? As we move toward relying on intelligent agents in our everyday lives, how do we ensure that individuals and communities can trust these systems?" Let's discuss more on this topic in this meetup and explore how Microsoft Azure helps you build AI solutions with the best Ethical practices. Speaker Bio: Andrew has expertise in machine learning, statistics, cloud computing and AI. He currently leads the data science practice at Velrada and is a lead instructor for data science and programming at General Assembly Melbourne.