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    Development is one of the best jobs in the world. Not only do we get to create awesome technology using code, we’re also life-long learners with a passion for continual growth! Codeveloping literally means “to develop (something) together." Every fortnight, our CODEvelop MeetUp will bring together like-minded devs from all stages of their careers to learn something new -- and actually useful! -- that’s relevant to their day-to-day lives. Our aim is to keep this MeetUp casual, with food and a fun space to hang out with like-minded developers. Description: - Continuous learning: 99% of people either don’t try or quit after their first hurdle. We’re the 1% of people that’s pushing on and continuing to grow. - Tutorial based: Get hands-on with coding tutorials and tips/tricks for devs like yourself, regardless of what career stage you’re at. Crack open a drink while you crack some code! - Community: Hang with like-minded peers who code. Super casual environment dedicated to growth. All experience levels welcome. - What we’re NOT: Every other tech or developer MeetUp. We keep our presentations super relevant to help you grow in your day-to-day career and level up to the next stage. - Inclusive + Diverse: Safe space. People of all backgrounds, ethnicities, gender identities, and abilities welcome. - BYOD - Bring your own device! Agenda: 5:30 - 6:30 > Food & Welcome 6:30 - 8:00 > Tutorial 8:00 - > Hang out @ Rag & Famish About the Topics: A lot of us use bash regularly for developing and simple tasks, however if we need to automate these tasks we often turn to other languages like Python or Javascript. Many overlook the powerful platter of terminal utilities we could be tying together with a simple bash script! In this session we will be looking at how we can pick apart bash scripts, and how we can make our own. About the Hosts: Garret Blankenship, Lead Educator @ Coder Academy: Garret is the Lead Educator of the Sydney Fast Track Bootcamp. Having graduated with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Communications from the The Ohio State University, Garret joined a commercial conferencing company for B2B sales as a Business Development Manager and quickly moved into a Junior Programmer role, where he developed his passion for programming and coding. Moving into a Senior Programmer role with the company, Garret's career in coding progressed, working as a System Architect, PHP Developer, Senior Developer and Senior Tech Lead at various tech companies and start ups, eventually co-founding his own start up supporting mental health practitioners. Identifying that his twin passions were tech and learning, Garret started teaching with Coder Academy a year ago as the Lead Educator. He is passionate about bringing real world and industry-relevant experience to his students so they can thrive in an agile and rapidly changing industry. Hamish Lees, Assistant Educator @ Coder Academy: Hamish has completed a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Finance, from the University of Technology. Following in the footsteps of most university students, he then took his newfound knowledge and went on a nice, long adventure. Upon returning to Australia, and discovering that everything he learnt in university was being replaced by computers and formulas, Hamish decided to look into the world of coding. Hamish enrolled in Coder Academy, completing the Fast Track Bootcamp. Upon completion of the course, he was offered a role as a Teaching Assistant. Having just seen his first cohort graduate, Hamish looks forward to delving further into the world of technology!

  • What The Heck is 'Civic Tech'?


    Contrary to what many people think, technology is inherently human. Everything we create, develop, and use with technology serves to better human lives in one way or another, and in the world of civic tech, this is especially true. From technology created to enhance the relationship between people and government, to projects developed to tackle troubling social issues, civic tech serves to bridge the gap between social good and government by leveraging technology’s huge potential to change the world for the better. At its core, civic tech is about you and me. This October, join Coder Academy as we invite representatives from some of Australia’s most inspiring civic tech organisations to chat about their phenomenal work improving our lives through the implementation of tech. Spots are limited, so don’t miss out! Register for free in a city near you. Industry speakers TBC Hosted by our friends at OneFlare!