Business Owners That Matters - Find Your Clients with LinkedIn- with KacieRoze

What we'll do

This event is being hosted by Francis Borg of Business Owners that Matter, and she has invited me to speak on LinkedIn.

So seeing as we haven't held an event specifically for our group for a while, I thought I would invite you along to this.

See below for all the info...

So excited to be announcing the very next Business Owners That Matter meetup with Kacie Brignell of KacieRoze.

Let me ask, What do you know about LinkedIn?
Perhaps you are like me, encouraged and welcomed to join and yet not too sure who or what is your target market.

Or perhaps, you think that LinkedIn is serious marketing? As if everything else is UNSERIOUS...

Kacie Brignell is the founder of KacieRoze, and she will speak to us about LinkedIn as this is what she does best, does very well and is passionate about.

Come along, be demystified, ask and have your questions answered.

Date: Thursday 15th August 2019.
Time: 6.30pm - 8.30pm
Venue: 7 Miller Street, Murarrie.

Kacie Brignell is the founder of KacieRoze.

A Business Development Agency focused on helping client’s grow their business through building valuable professional relationships. Combining traditional and LinkedIn networking techniques, I help my clients to connect and communicate with the ‘right people’ to accelerate your business.

Kacie has always had a love for connecting people and creating business opportunities. Her passion lies in educating and inspiring professionals to Develop, Build and Grow their business through the relationships they create.

Business Owners That Matters is a welcoming and inclusive meetup group that promotes net working, growing your circle of business friendships and connecting with like minded people.

Come join us on the evening. I love meeting new people.
Peace and connecting Francis Borg organiser