Self Mastery & Meditation Class

What we'll do


The human energy field is a living, breathing, dynamic matrix that must be kept clear, strong and anchored in the everyday experiences of human living. Simple tools can be learnt and applied, which allow you to cleanse and purify your energy system the same way physical wellbeing is nurtured through healthy food, clean water, regular exercise and restful sleep.

Conscious Human will be facilitating weekly classes that guide you through some of these processes. These classes will include:

• Processes to be here now, helping you connect with the present moment yet remaining open to a sense of timelessness.

• Learning how to align some of the complexities of the human energy field and find the centre of your being within the core of who you really are.

• Grounding exercises, which help you deepen your connection to yourself, with the planet and all life on Earth.

• Extending your feeling nature to include the surrounding environment and different vibrational energies for self-healing and development.

• Tools to cleanse, purify and raise the frequency of your matrix.

• Guided meditations that allow you to focus your awareness in the heart of your being. These processes will help you identify the place of equanimity within yourself and observe the activities that draw you into other experiences, supporting you to redirect energy from the false self back into the core of your heart.

This is a judgment free zone, a safe space of compassion, respect, patience and tolerance to explore who and what we truly are.

THURSDAY 8th AUGUST, 7pm – 8pm

HOLYROOD PAVILION, 8 Holyrood Street, West Leederville, 6007

The venue is easily accessible to everyone no matter where you live or mode of transport:

* 2-minute drive off the Mitchell Freeway.
* Bus stop directly outside of Holyrood Pavilion park on Cambridge Street, West Leederville.
* 3-minute walk from West Leederville Train Station.

$15 per person, register via MeetUp or the Conscious Human website (

* Payment via - RSVP to this event and bring cash on the evening.
* Payment via the Conscious Human website - book your attendance and pay via credit card or debit card at

We hope to see you there and look forward to sharing this journey with you!

With gratitude,

Nathan & Lauren.