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Continuous Delivery Sydney Reboot, September Meetup.
After a 1 year hiatus, the Continuous Delivery Sydney Meetup returns! Given this is the first in 1 year, there will likely be a lot of very interesting things to cover, as the world has changed significantly in this time. We will be working hard to ensure we make this Meetup a regular event, targeting the 3rd Wednesday of every second month. We have confirmed two presenters for this Septembers meetup, both with very interesting and relevant topics they will be covering. Looking forward to hearing them, and meeting those of you who can join us on the 19th. Microservices and Heroku: When developers actually manage ops Ian Tinsley (CTO Lux Group) talks about his experiences at Lux Group where cloud hosting with Heroku and a Microservices architecture helped enable his team to doContinuous Deployment without any dedicated Ops, Devops or QA staff. Automated testing in the age of Container clusters Manoj Kumar Kumar (Selenium Steering Committee member, Lead Technical Evangelist at Applitools) will demonstrate how to leverage the docker container technology to solve the challenges of implementing a reliable testing infrastructure with Selenium /Appium and other mobile testing tools. More on Manoj's talk can be found here

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    This Group will bring technology people together to share ideas and experience in the domain of Continuous Delivery.

    Continuous Delivery looks to create flow across the entire software delivery pipeline - from dev to testing to deployment and release. It addresses culture, process and organisational change. Anything within that domain will be in scope for our Group.

    The Group shares concerns with other Groups in the Sydney area - DevOps, Agile, etc. - and will be complementary to them. But we'll talk about the delivery pipeline end-to-end from a systems-thinking pov. We'll spend equal time exploring the organisational and business issues associated with a Continuous Delivery transformation. And we'll emphasize topics that directly translate into making feature and project delivery more "Continuous."

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