Nihongo Beginners

Cool Japan Culture
Cool Japan Culture
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What we'll do

If you have never learnt Japanese(absolute beginner) or just have a little experience, join it!
In this meet up, I bring beginner's text book copy.

It is written by rooma-ji (English sounds letter), you don't need to worry about Japanese letter(hiragana etc.).
Of course there are meaning in English in the text.
Intermediate speakers who want to review Japanese knowledge are also welcome!

I have the Japanese teacher certification.
I'm teaching at Japanese Saturday school too.

If you feel interested in Japanese, it's a chance to try it.
Let's study step by step!!

★Meet up fee: $7
Please pay directly at the end of the class.

★First time comer
Please come 10 minutes in advance (2:50pm).
For persons joinning the first time, I will introduce basic composition & characteristic of Japanese.
We welcome your first participants.

★Central Park Mall Foodcourt (level 2)
28 Broadway, Chippendale NSW 2008

I'll write 'which table we are' at comment until starting.
We also put the paper writen "Cool Japan Culture" on the table.
We use usually the big round table, these are not so many, just 3-4 at the foodcourt. it's a good way to find us.

★important attention
It's limited small meeting for satisfying.
If you become inconvenient, please DIFINITERY change to "not going" TILL the NOON on the day.

Because we prepare the copy for each one, and some people are in waiting list for your seat.
We won't accept next time who canceled twice without prior changing.