Welcome back Ari!! Special ☆ Social J Cafe

What we'll do

Ari, the original member from the first time Cool Culture Japan, will be back in Sydney for about 10 days.
He is currently working as an English teacher in Japan.
If you hope to work in Japan, it's great opportunity to ask him.
Special edition of social J cafe which welcomes Ari on this day.
People who don't know Ari are also OK.
This is a friendly gathering that features speaking in Japanese and talking about Japanese culture.
If you are learning Japanese, why not try a conversation here?

Of course, questions and explanations in English are OK!
Don't worry if you are a Japanese beginner.
As we were English beginners at first or still are now, we know your feelings.lol

If Japanese people talk quickly, please don't hesitate to ask "Could you say it slower?" or "What does it mean?".
There are many Japanese people who want to share Japanese and culture at this meeting. (^_^)

You can listen to native Japanese and challenge yourself with conversations just like you are in Japan.
let's have fun!

★Participation fee is $ 1 for everybody (even Japanese, same as language exchange).
We use it for the meet up website fee.

★Also, be sure to order your own drink.
If there are people who do not order, it makes to be difficult for us to use the Cafe and the meetings can not be continued.

1) This is NOT for dating!! (also negative discussion of religion, and business invitations etc. are banned).
If you are found breaching this condition you won't be allowed to join future events. If you experience any problems, please notify the organizer (Momo) at any time.

2) If it becomes inconvenient for you to attend, please change your RSVP to "not going".
This event is limited to 20 people.

★If you want to improve your Japanese skill, you can participate in our Japanese class before 'Social J Cafe'.
'Nihongo-Beginner' class uses Roma-ji (English lettering) text sheets, and 'Nihongo-lovers' class uses Japanese letter text sheets. Both have English explanation. They are held every other week, please check them out.



ここで日本語や日本文化を伝えてみてください。 (^_^)



1) これはデートイベントではありません!

2) 都合が悪くなった場合は、'Not going'に変更してください。