What we're about

We are a group of people who know life can be done differently with a clear mindset, positive attitude, openness to growth and willingness to take our life to the next level! We believe in contributing and we always keep it authentic and real.

We are based in Melbourne and meet monthly to create real connections, support each other, be cheeky and have fun as we do the serious business of creating the life we want.
If you understand that when we grow personally, all areas of our lives improve, then welcome, this group is for you!

You are:
• authentic and real
• ready to realise your purpose and take your life to the next level
• searching for resources and practical tips to release old habits and fears that are keeping you stuck
• aware that your definition of success is personal, and are looking to enlarge the quality of your personal and professional connections to help you succeed in life
• passionate about making a difference

We connect with amazing speakers and inspirational people who share tips and tools to improve your business and sense of fulfilment.

As a strong, community minded network, we will introduce you to different techniques to increase your quality of life, your work/life balance and share the knowledge and strategies that help you grow both personally and professionally.

The benefits of connecting with our community are:
1. Grow your connections with quality people who understand the value of a network of strong community focussed people who support each other to create win win situations
2. Gain valuable insights, knowledge and growth from inspiring (and practical) monthly events where we share personal development tips, strategies and events that improve the quality of your life
3. Learn how to step out of your comfort zone and leverage from ‘Designing You’ to creating the life you want
4. Meetup events are free. 100% of donations go towards Kennedy’s Hope Children Foundation educating kids in Ghana, Africa; so feel good that your attendance at a meetup is creating positive change for generations to come.

There’s so much more!

Can’t wait to catch up with you and see you take your business and your life from where you are now, to where you want to be #Design You

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