Cryptocurrency Investment Workshop - How to reduce risk

What we'll do

Dear members,

our friends from Melbourne are coming over for a free crypto investment workshop. Please join them at their first event in Perth if you would like to learn the basics for safer crypto investment.

Want To Learn The 5 Pillars To SAFELY Invest In Cryptocurrencies (In The Next 30 Days)!?

Shannon Curtis, Senior Strategy Consultant of Crypto Consulting Institute, will be walking you through the steps live - showing you how to do it.

If you are looking to capitalise and safely position yourself in Cryptocurrencies - The highest performing market this decade, then this is the event is for you!

Here’s some of his key learning over the last 4 years in the space that will be shared at the workshop:

1. Why Blockchain Technology & Cryptocurrencies Are Revolutionising Every Industry (And why many global corporations like JP Morgan, Microsoft, Bank Of America and IBM are using it).

2. How To Minimise Risks That Most Are Making In The Market - Safeguard your hard earned investment.

3. 2 Ways Of How To Buy And Sell Cryptocurrencies Both On And Offline (Shannon will share some tips to minimise your risk) - And the steps of how to remain completely anonymous!

4. Learn The Non-Complex Strategy To Be One Step Ahead Of The Market. Identify when the best time is to invest and cash-out.

5. And An Outline Of The Success Blueprint For Identifying Which Coin You May Want To Invest In Before It Takes Off!

And some bonus, need to know things that we will save for the event!

For those lucky enough to secure a seat, there will also be a free BITCOIN giveaway!

You might be wondering what level of investor is this workshop for?
If you are looking at getting started or maybe you have already invested and want to understand the right way to do it, then this is the workshop for you.


Here's what some people said about our latest workshop:

Nicole Saunders: "Thanks for an insightful, informative and inspiring workshop that was filled with great advice on how to understand the world of cryptocurrency and Blockchain. It’s a new world 🌍 right now and I love being in this space learning and understanding it all with great mentors like yourself. Love the LIVE demonstration and quizzes and all the experiences you shared, good and bad".

Martin Scerri "Great presentation - practical advice and a refreshing change from the hyperbole of the majority of crypto presentations out there I've seen".

PLEASE NOTE: There are limited seats for this workshop and based on past workshops they will be snapped up quickly so be sure to lock in your spot by confirming your attendance now.

Feel free to invite a friend or colleague who may also be interested.

This workshop is for educational purposes and no financial advice will be given.