DDD By Night February 2019

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Level 5, 91 William St · Melbourne

How to find us

Someone will be waiting in the lobby to whisk you up to Level 5 in the charmingly appointed lifts.

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What we'll do

Warm up for DDD 2019 with DDD By Night in February. It's DDD but *lightning*.

The evening will be hosted by the DDD Melbourne crew and consists of short & sharp presentations of ten minutes in length on a dev related subject. The idea here is to share some cool things you know and love, and not to promote your employer. A mix of beginning and experienced speakers is part of what makes DDD By Night what it is so if you're passionate about something submit it to us even if it's not the latest thing. We love a good intro level talk just as much as an advanced topic so whatever level you aim for we'd love to have your talk submission.



Are you addicted to your smartphone? - Stuart Dobson
With the growth of mobile advertising, the tech giants have worked out how to keep you hooked on their platforms more than ever. Learn their tricks, so you can avoid them, or...mimic them in your own apps


Accidental Agility - Curtis Lusmore
A reflection on agile development as it is commonly practised, by looking at how other industries get the benefits of agility without even realising it.


Getting started with Fable and Fable Elmish - Pavel Oborin
A first steps in the wonderful world of F# for web development


NeurUL (NeurUL Universal Language) - Elmer Roderick Bool
NeurUL (Neural Universal Language) is a free and open source project which aims to create and support a more simplified Ubiquitous Language for communications between humans, as well as humans and AI. It intends to become a platform for new software applications, as well as to enhance existing ones, in order to help developers and users solve prevalent yet fundamental challenges in IT. Unlike current languages which are domain-, tech-, and/or culture-specific, NeurUL is anthropomorphic, enabling its data to be as abstract or as concrete as necessary, yet remain immensely intelligible and flexible akin to its neurobiological inspiration.


W.W.F.U - Chris Drylie
Nope, it's not another wrestling federation. It stands for What Works For Us. This talk is about ignoring the buzz words, lean, agile and waterfall and understanding that these are frameworks that we should not be cramming ourselves into. But using them in a way that suits you as a team/ business. To truly realise that our way of thinking needs to be flexible and adjust outside these methodologies so we can grow to work to our best potential.


Our friends from PageUp have kindly donated us some space to hold the event.

All DDD events are subject to the DDD Code of Conduct available at https://www.dddmelbourne.com/code-of-conduct/