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It's DDD but *lightning*. Now online!

Microsoft Build Discussion Panel
Melissa Houghton will MC

EF Core Query Tags and logging
Jernej Kavka (JK)
.NET Core allows us to log almost everything quite easily but when an issue happens with SQL queries, can you actually figure out from where it's coming? This is where EF Core Query Tags comes into play with a couple of other logging strategies so that you'll always know the intent and location of your queries.

Critical Reflection of a Past Project
Leah Garrett
It can be easy to get caught up in what could have or should have happened on a project. In this talk I look back on a project and look at ways to evaluate how it went.

OpenAPI (aka Swagger)
Pratik Khasnabis
OpenAPI Specification 3.0 has become the de-facto standard for defining REST APIs. It is a descendant of Swagger and many people still know it by this name. It is a language/framework agnostic way of describing your APIs for both humans and machines. In this talk I will show an example OpenAPI spec document and run through it to demystify OAS. I will also quickly show some tools including my favourite VS Code that will help you in working with OAS. If you are either an API developer or API consumer or just want to be API savvy this talk is for you.

Secure your Angular .Net Core web app with Azure Active Directory
Patrick Zhao
Azure Active Directory offers a variety of different authentication methods. Connecting AAD with Angular and .Net Core web application allows you to leverage AAD out-of-the-box authentication solution in your modern web app. In this talk, I will show you how easy it is to configure AAD and integrate it with an Angular + .Net Core application.


The evening will be hosted by the DDD Melbourne crew.


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