DIYbio Community Social

What we'll do

Every first Monday of the month, BioQ will host an opportunity for those interested in DIYbio (either current or new community members) to catch up.

This is an informal low entry point into the DIYbio/biohacker community here in Melbourne. Discuss new happenings in the world of science, tech, STEM, equipment, lab safety, legislation, society and whatever else might tickle your fancy. Have an idea for a workshop, project, or piece of tech?

We'll cover some basic shop topics like how to use pipettes , safety in the lab, and the space in general too so you can get a feel for some of the equipment in our lab. #pipettiquete

If you're planning on doing any of our courses or running your own project at BioQ, it's also a good chance to go over our safety induction policy and code of ethics together.

This is a great opportunity to bounce ideas off others, have a drink and a slice of pizza :) Feel free to bring food to share for the rest of the group!