Our great First Deep Learning Sydney meetup in 2018!

This is a past event

185 people went

AWS Sydney

Level 37,2 Park St · Sydney

How to find us

Meet us at AWS Sydney :) Please bring your photo ID, so that AWS security team can check it against the attendee list at the entrance.

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What we'll do

Agenda of 2018 Feb Deep Learning Sydney Meet-up



Location: Level 37, 2 Park St

Sponsor: AWS Sydney

6:00pm: Catering
Enjoy Pizza and Beers.

6:30pm: Opening speech by Andy Zeng and Richard Xu
Andy (dial in remotely) and Richard will open the brand new 2018 meetup

6:40pm: MATLAB for Deep Learning by David Willingham

In this talk, David will show a demo on how to:
• Develop end to end systems that rely on Deep Learning (such as Autonomous Vehicles)
• Automate ground-truth labelling using apps.
• Work with existing models from Caffe and TensorFlow-Keras.
• Accelerate training using multiple GPUs, the cloud, or clusters.
• Visualize intermediate results, tune and debug deep learning models.
• Deploy the model anywhere: On the cloud, desktop or even a mobile GPU
• Run the deployed model fast

Speaker intro:
David is a Data Analytics Engineer, specializing in using data science to find value in both Business & Engineering Data. Focusing in core areas of Data Analytics, Deep Learning, Big Data, Internet of Things, Predictive Modelling & Data Mining.

Over 10 years’ full time experience developing in professional data analytics software:
1. Providing guidance and developing technical solutions in the area of data analytics
2. Analyzing users' problems to determine and implement the best computational approach.

6:55pm: "PTZ-Static camera system 12 years later: into the Deep Learning Era", by UTS Deep Learning research tem (remotely)

Compare what we did 12 years ago:
We have now revolutionized the system by using Deep Learning! It delivers robustness and real-time performance! And a lot of exciting research to be unleashed!
7:05pm: "How to Train a Neural Network faster: Batch and Layer Normalization" by Richard Xu

DLS cannot be without some Deep Learning Theories: In this talk, Richard will give a 15 minutes’ gentle introduction into the theories and practice of how Batch and Layer Normalization work in Deep Learning:
The source code for the demo is written in Python, and can be downloaded from github:

Speaker Intro:
A/Prof Richard Xu is an associate professor in machine learning at UTS whom manages a team of 30 academics, postdocs, PhD students, engineers and communicators to apply their minds and talents to an array of theoretical research as well as industry projects for a growing list of multinational and Australian businesses and government agencies; He also publish more than 800 slides of Statistics, Probability and Machine Learning (including Deep Learning) courses for PhD students and ML practitioners around the world. In addition, he also developed the most popular Mandarin-speaking Machine Learning video course. He is the co-founder of Deep Learning Sydney.

7:20pm: "What’s new in Deep Learning" by Andy Zeng

All the latest goodies in Deep Learning.

Speaker intro:
Dr. Andy Zeng is the co-founder of Deep Learning Sydney. He is now the Director of Data Science at JollyChic, a fast growing B2C e-Commerce platform world-widely (ranking No. 1 in mid-east region). He is also an adjunct associate at UTS. He's got 10+ years’ experience in data science. His experience varies from academic research to industry engagements, from data science consulting to in-house data science capability development, from hands on project delivery to data science team management.

7:30pm: Announcement
This is an announcement session for anyone to announce anything relates to deep learning and data science (e.g., hiring, new meetup, new startup).

7:40pm-8:30pm: Social Session

We encourage people to stay and to socialize. We strive to make the meetup a real “meetup” event. In this session, we will serve drinks (alcohol and non-alcohol) and finger food till 8:30pm.