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DevOpsGirls meetups aim to create a welcoming and engaging environment for women and their allies to discuss all things DevOps. We want to create events that are open to varied skill-sets and backgrounds. Our passion lies with empowering and celebrating Women of DevOps and technology.

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Seek & DevOps Girls Bootcamp


DevOps Girls with the massive support from Seek are hosting a day-long bootcamp to explore all things Serverless! If you're looking to be buzzword compliant, 'serverless' is on that list. We wanted to create an opportunity for people to learn about the technical concepts and get hands-on exposure in a super supportive and encouraging environment. This is a one day bootcamp, that will introduce participants to AWS, Lambda, event-driven architecture, infrastructure as code, static website hosting, Serverless Framework. Programming knowledge is helpful, but not required - code will be provided for you. Basic command line skills would be very helpful and we would recommend completing a short code academy course on using the command line - (See Resources below) Throughout the day, participants will first be introduced to concepts at a high level. Then you will get to practise yourself. We will start from deploying a simple website that will have some todos (classic!) and gradually move to more complex things, like an event that will be triggered when a todo is overdue, added, edited or removed. We will be building on our project throughout the day and it's all good if you need help catching up because we will have a GitHub repo that will help you make sure you maintain progress. NOTE, this event has limited spots - please update your RSVP if you're unable to attend so we can ensure as many people can attend as possible. What will you expect from the day? You'll have a team of supportive people from our industry dedicating their Saturday to your learning and development. You'll be able to learn in a multi-modal format, including hands on and you'll have access to all the learning materials. You'll have an opportunity to meet and network with people in your industry. We'll have a room with video games and activities for kids. The bootcamp will be fully catered - note dietary requirements in your RSVP Things you'll need: - a laptop! (but if this is not possible, send us a message) - an AWS account - (See Resources below) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Schedule - The day! 8.45am-9.30am Coffee and Snacks AWS account creation help (if needed) 9.30am (sharp) Welcome and kickoff Key concepts 1st Learning Session 12pm-1.15pm Lunch 1.15pm-2pm Palette cleanser - TBC 2pm-3pm 2nd Learning Session 3pm-3.30pm Afternoon Tea [masked]pm Final Learning Session & 'Next Steps' 5pm-7pm Networking and drinks (self funded) OPTIONAL - Venue TBC .~"~..~"~..~"~..~"~..~"~..~"~..~"~._.~"~..~"~..~"~..~"~..~"~.__.~"~..~"~._.~"~ Resources Command Line on Code Academy (First lesson is enough) https://www.codecademy.com/learn/learn-the-command-line Guide on Creating and Configuring your personal AWS account and CLI https://github.com/DevOps-Girls/DevOps-Girls-Bootcamp-4/blob/master/aws_account_setup.pptx AWS Tech Essentials Training (Optional) For people starting out in cloud technology the AWS Tech Essentials course is free. It's a bit of a time commitment, but worthwhile for people getting started in learning cloud technology (See Resources below) https://aws.amazon.com/training/course-descriptions/essentials/

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