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7 Steps to Get the Relationship You Want - over 7 Weeks
Everything we want in life we take the steps need to achieve it. If we want a new job we will study to get the skills necessary, if we want to get rid and healthy we do what it takes. Yet when it comes to love we expect it to magically happen when we least expect it. The reality though is it doesn't really happy this way. Even in cases where people meet and fall in love the romance doesn't always work. Based on US statistics the divorce rates are 50% for first marriages, 67% for second marriages and 73% for subsequent marriages. This is crazy and it is time to take some action to change this! I work with many singles one on one to get the relationship they want and that can be expensive one on one. So I have decided to run this group coaching over 7 weeks to enable you to create the life you have always imagined. You are not meant to be alone, in fact great love is still possible regardless of your age. In this program you will look at what you attract and work through your blind spots and blocks to love to enable you to attract the relationship you have always wanted I will also give you practical tips to make dating easier and successful. Based on scientific research, carried out over 7 weeks and works out to be $63 per week. Payment plans can be arranged. To book go to

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Do or Die is a group to meet new friends. So are you single? Are all your friends in a relationship? Do you want to go out, but have no-one to go with? Then this group is for you! Life is short and the motto of this group is Do or Die! We will have fun events so you never have to worry about having nothing to do on the weekend! Can't wait to meet you!

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