Distributed Systems Architecture Afternoon (International Speakers)

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Kaleidocode Pty Ltd

35 Intersite Ave · Durban

How to find us

Kaleidocode (KC), Unit G1, 35 Intersite Avenue. We are on the far side of the office park overlooking Umgeni Road, middle building.

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What we'll do

We have just been presented with the amazing opportunity to host some incredible international speakers at our meetup. They have spoken at conferences such as NCD Oslo, NDC Syndey, O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference London, Explore DDD and many other world-class events.
They are in Durban for a few days and have kindly offered up their afternoon to share their experiences with us.

We will be having an afternoon focused on Distributed System Architecture comprising of a talk on the topic by Szymon Pobiega, followed by a panel discussion with Bob Langley, Daniel Marbach, Hadi Eskandari, Mike Minutillo, Szymon Pobiega and William Brander.

This event is on Friday the 13th... you really don't want to be writing production code on that afternoon do you? Come and learn together with us.

Block this afternoon out in your calendar now. This kind of opportunity does not come often.

Venue: Kaleidocode, Springfield Park

Talk: Messages on the Outside, Messages on the Inside
by Szymon Pobiega

In the classic paper Data on the Outside versus Data on the Inside, Pat Helland argued that data within a service boundary should be treated differently than data residing outside of it.
Here, I shall argue that the same applies to messages. Inside a service boundary, messages are tightly coupled to the corresponding data manipulations. Sometimes it is even possible to enforce total order of messages.
The moment the message crosses the service boundary, it enters the no man's land where bad things happen. Messages get reordered, duplicated or even lost.
Join me in this talk to learn about some patterns you can use to get your messages safely to the other side.

Details of our panelists:

Bob Langley is a Solutions Architect with Particular Software. An experienced developer of distributed systems using messaging and Azure, he now uses his knowledge for good to help others. When he isn't helping customers he can usually be found gaming with his friends and family.

Daniel Marbach has suffered through Azure Service Bus, Azure Storage Queues, AWS SQS, and many more queueing technologies. When he is not aching from messaging and distributed systems, he likes to induce more pain to himself by deep diving into asynchronous programming with C# and .NET/Core.

Hadi Eskandari is a polyglot programmer, open-source contributor, speaker, blogger, and one of the top 3% StackOverflow users contributing to C# and .NET. He even implemented the first version of the Persian Calendar on .NET before Microsoft did. When not programming or helping other developers, he's either playing his Flamenco guitar or trying to capture the moment with his mirrorless camera. http://www.seesharpsoftware.com.au/blog Twitter: @hadi_es

Mike Minutillo has been developing and monitoring complex systems, human and software, for two decades. When he's not rearranging 1's on an endless field of 0's, you'll find him behind the nearest GM screen running a tabletop role-playing game.

Szymon Pobiega used to work on various business software for almost a decade. Of all the ideas and patterns he learned along the way, messaging had the most profound impact. He built his first microservice system with MSMQ and NServiceBus 1.9 some 9 years ago and this was a life-changing experience. Szymon is focused, in Particular (pun intended), on message routing patterns and handling of failures. Besides that, he enjoys building remotely controlled vehicles with Lego.

William Brander is passionate about the web and security, he is engaged in a sordid love affair with JavaScript, and spends most of his free time trying to convince others of its' beauty and elegance.
When not behind his laptop hacking away, this amateur beer enthusiast can often be found playing board games or drinking cold-brew coffee.