What we're about

This group is for anyone who is wanting to explore meditation, the power of manifestation, high vibration connections and positive NOW experiences ... I have a ridiculously gorgeous studio space on lush green acreage in Burbank (Brisbane South East) and would love for you to join myself and Jess (our sweet studio manager) in the experience of GROUP MEDITATION with the soul intention to RAISE YOUR VIBRATION and each others.

Firstly, I will guide you through gentle yoga poses to open the physical body and shift any unnecessary energy. Then, some breath work and sanskrit chanting to connect you into your deeper self and to clear your mind. Next, we indulge in a 15-minute seated meditation using walls or chairs for support. I will guide you towards clarity using specific focuses to retain present moment connection.

Sometimes we use Mala beads, Mudras (finger and hand yoga), candles and counting as tools. Each week there is a specific focus to play with, manifesting an alchemy of balance, awareness, and love of our best selves.

Finally, you will complete this elevating process with a reclining Yoga Nidra (lucid dreaming) including MASSAGE, REIKI or AROMA THERAPY. Serving you Vegan Organic Chai Tea upon awakening.

$10 entry.

We are looking forward to meeting you all!

With love always,

Kellie & Jess

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