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The purpose of this meetup is to gather people together who have an intention to eat more plants in their lifestyle. As Australians we don't get anywhere near the RDI for fruits and vegetables, so the idea is to show others that it really is so easy to incorporate more living foods into their day.

When we meet, will come together and share a plate of plant based food. So bring your favourite plant based dish to share with others or if you are new to all this and really have no idea, then maybe bring the raw ingredients with you like, the veggies or fruit and maybe we can help you whip something up!

Now if you would rather just enjoy everyone else's creations then you can pay $10 at the door to cover the costs.

When we meet, we will share ideas and experiences with eating more fruits an veggies, nuts and seeds and then we may also have a "cooking" demonstration of how easy it really is to whip up something delicious or maybe we will hear from some industry experts on how to stay healthy and well in this modern age.

If you already eat lots of plants, or you would like to know how to have more in your day then this group is for you.

Sometimes its just easier to make changes and stick to things when you know there are others out there doing the same as you or experiencing the same things as you.

So welcome all Munchers or potential Munchers!

Lets have fun, eat more plants and help the planet at the same time!

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