Elabor8 Lunch and Learn Brisbane - Wardley Mapping - Kim Ballestrin

Elabor8 Lunch and Learn Brisbane
Elabor8 Lunch and Learn Brisbane
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What we'll do

About our Meetup group:

Welcome to the Elabor8 Lunch and Learn Meetup group!

We'll be meeting monthly over lunch time.

About the talk:

Perhaps you’ve heard about Wardley Mapping and are wondering what it is – or have tried it and want to know a bit more. This session will provide an overview of Wardley Mapping, the basics of creating one and you will have the opportunity to practice using it for decision-making.

By the end of the workshop you will have:
- Created a Wardley map based on a common example
- Practiced using it for decision-making
- Some examples of Wardley mapping in the real world

About the speaker:

Kim Ballestrin is a passionate and highly skilled Principal Consultant at Elabor8 working on the Agile transformations of large enterprises. She has over 20 years of diverse management (IT) experience, helping some of Australia’s most prominent organisations on their Agile change journey. Kim is an experienced technologist, having worked in roles from IT business analyst through to program and delivery centre management. She specialises in Lean, Cynefin, Agile, Systems Thinking, Design Thinking, DevOps and ideas to improve the ways that companies work and deliver value to customers. Currently the organiser of the Melbourne Cynefin and Lean Coffee Meetups, Kim regularly presents and runs workshops at leading local and international conferences on the Cynefin Framework, Decision Mapping and Early Idea Feasibility.

About Elabor8:

A leading provider of Innovation and Agility expertise, Elabor8 teaches companies how to be forward thinking and adaptive, by looking at what the most innovative startup companies are doing and helping to adapt these methods for the enterprise.

Lunch provided:

We will be providing sandwiches and wraps to enjoy while listening to the talk.