Educational Course The Power of Being Enough $25

What we'll do

Based on our members’ feedback, these mini courses have been created to include some of the topics that our members suggested to further explore. Throughout the year, we will explore these “Seven Powerful and Effective Ways to Embrace Your Full Potential.”

1. February 13th “The Power of Perceptions – Deep Seeing and Deep
Listening Skills For Effective Communication”

2. April 17th “The Power of Emotions and Authentic Connection”

3. June 12th “The Power of Meditation and Prayer”

4. July 17th “The Power of Vulnerability and Courage”

5. August 14th “The Power of Masks we Wear”

6. October 16th “The Power of Being Enough”

7. November 13th “The Power of Identity, Culture and Tradition”

These short courses will be conducted on Wednesday nights from 6.30pm to 9pm at 40 Emily Circuit, Bowral. Cost is only $25 per person – a light supper is included. For more details on what these short courses entail, please look out for updated information on Meetup and where you can reserve your spot and for payment options.

The aim of these short courses is for you to learn how to:
• Better understand yourself, your passion, and purpose
• Develop your psychological, emotional, social, and spiritual capacity to shine your unique brilliance
• Communicate and express your own unique voice in ways that is aligned with your core values and is congruent for you
• Develop and embrace your own unique strengths as well as your weaknesses
• Understand the unique ways you are fulfilling your passion and purpose
• Become aware of the things that may prevent you from living the life you so desire
• Be your authentic self
• Integrate key elements of your life’s experiences to support you in your journey
• Identify specific key areas in your life that need deliberate development and improvement
• Identify old habits that are no longer serving you and support your development well
• Create more effective ways to transform old habits and create new habits
• Become an effective communicator and an influence of positive change
• Bring Love and Light to the world and much more
Love and light
Tisiola and the Team @ EWP