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Interested in communicating with other like minded people?

This is your opportunity to educate & empower yourself to increase your happiness! And meet other interesting people from all walks of life, and have FUN along the way!

In these modern times with things such as technology, the rise in anxieties is at a new peak with people feeling isolated and losing the social experiences.

But not any more!

Both my colleague John Burgess & myself Have collaborated to bring to you, more of what you want, on what matters most.

Combined we have 40years experience in healing and making a difference with people, helping coach, counsel, and facilitate others for self love & empowerment for a better mindset, more health and wellbeing, and a happier YOU!

This group is more of a Yin and Yang approach in
"Empowering The Sexes" to
explore a journey of fun, laughter and togetherness !

Join us in a relaxing, safe environment to share, love, learn and grow, where we all help & support each other.

We will provide you with experienced coaching & strategies, in helping you shut the back door to your past & opening the front door to your future!

Discover EMPOWERING topics such as :
Personal Growth
Love/Dating & Relationships
Law Of Attraction
Ego Vs True Self
Manifestation Mindset
Intuitive Spiritual Awareness & Play
Health & Healing
Physical Wellbeing
AND More...

All whilst learning & experiencing Stress Relaxation Techniques that take on a whole new meaning to live a life of freedom & confidence.

As well as many more Life Edcuational Skills such as Relationship Strategies that help you improve your connections with yourself and others.

OUR MISSION: Is to Educate, Empower and Embrace Your Best Self, with Confidence & a higher level of Self Esteem, whilst working on Self Development & Relationships. You discover the Freedom, Peace, & Happiness within your Mind, Body & Spirit, and help other's along the way. Oh yes, and have FUN too!

This is an ongoing group that generally gets together each Fortnight as well as every month in Reservoir. The general cost for these events is a minimum of a ($25 to cover ongoing costs) with the occasional added day/evening workshops for a different investment.

WOMEN: http://www.facebook.com/groups/theempoweredwoman

MEN: https://m.facebook.com/groups/611805205640206

We look forward to connecting with you soon!

With Love, Peace Joy & Happiness

Sarah Batsanis & John Burgess

If you have any questions feel free to contact me on my mobile. 0424 128 020

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