Healthy Lifestyle Planning Sessions

What we'll do

If you are struggling and at your wits end with all the confusion out there and you’re looking for a place to come on a regular basis where you can check in and become accountable and learn the skills and the tools that YOU need, whether you’re new to striving for a healthier lifestyle, looking for support to get your weight under control or simply don’t know where to start and are looking for some direction, I would like to welcome you to my tribe. I am here to help you turn your weight loss and health goals into a successful reality.

These 90min relaxed healthy lifestyle planning sessions are designed to support and educate women! My aim is to help you deal with the overwhelming act of juggling a career, a family and a household all whilst trying to live a healthy lifestyle in this fast paced world. This is the weight management support group you have been searching for to connect and meet with other like minded woman and take some time out for yourself and together we will empower each other!

During our 90min sessions I will provide education, practical application, assessment and evaluation to assist you on an ongoing basis. Feel free to come once, come twice or come to every one of my 8 part program sessions to gain the many benefits and see what attending will do for you and your ability to gain control of your weight and the life that you desire and deserve.

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