What we're about

What matters most in your life? Well, for many people the answer is relationships or, feeling more deeply connected.

Exploring Intimacy is about creating an environment that supports experiences of deeper connections and potentially healthier relationships.

In a safe space, with boundaries and choice emphasised...

• We invite you to experience new ways of expressing your truth and being received with empathy and compassion.

• We share experiences and perspectives on the topic on the night, whilst consciously listening to a partner.

• We invite you to engage with a partner of your choice and exchange nurturing, non-sexual touch.

• Through reflection, magic may happen...masks may dissolve to reveal our common human-ness!!

• Welcome to Exploring Intimacy... Namaste!

• This Meet up group is not a sexual group, and does not include sexual activity in our meetings! We aspire to broaden and expand the meaning (and the experience) of intimacy in an inclusive and holistic manner.

• This Meet up group is based on the work of the Human Awareness Institute, (HAI). For more about HAI, visit http://www.hai.org/

• HAI is represented in Australia by Space Inc., a not for profit association founded in 2004 and managed by a team of volunteers. For more about Space, visit http://www.space.org.au/

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