5 Expensive Mistakes to AVOID with Facebook Advertising - Gold Coast

What we'll do

Did you know that you have to be careful with 'Facebook’s Recommendations' as they can cost you money?
Do you know what mistakes to AVOID with your Ads on Facebook?

Learn from other people’s mistakes - Save yourself TIME & MONEY get Results with your Facebook Ads much quicker!

Are you a (Small) Business Owner or Entrepreneur keen to get great Results with Facebook Advertising? Then this Workshop is for you.

We created the Facebook Marketing Meetup to help (small) Business Owners like yourself with EDUCATING you on the latest updates. (This information is often only available to Facebook Ad Agency Owners as they have bigger budgets to trial what DOES and DOES NOT work today)

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We share The Agency’s SECRETS with you. As an agency we run Facebook Ads every single day for high-end customers, spending > $10,000 per month on Ad Spend. With our experience and the budget we have available, we learn very quickly what NOT to do and how to avoid these most common mistakes.

Learn the top 5 Key Mistakes everyone makes with Facebook Ads (and what to do instead).

1) Awesome NETWORK opportunity

2) AWESOME Presentations with great tips from Experts

3) Q&A - Ask your questions

(Limited space, FREE Tickets will go quickly! Grab yours now and bring-a-friend)


*BONUS: We also cover the Newest Updates for Facebook and Instagram as recently announced at the F8 Conference - the MUST KNOW features they will roll out and how you can use them to help your business.

> Don't miss out! Looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday 23rd of July 2019 - 6-8pm at Servcorp, 140 William Street - Melbourne.

Marlie Jolanda

Marlie kick-started her career at BMW Group in 2009 and was promoted twice in 1.5 years to the first Social Media Manager of BMW Group worldwide before she turned 25 years old.

As a Marketing Conversion Business Coach Marlie now helps many Small Business Owners turn more Potential Customers into Paying Clients with MEANINFUL Marketing.

Facebook Advertising works like a charm to get heaps of leads, now do you know how to turn them into paying Customers? (Don't worry if you don't, Marlie will share her best tips with you!)

Marlie was born in The Netherlands, lived in 4 different countries, traveled to 29 countries and speaks 5 languages.

For the past decade, she worked with big Corporates such as BMW Group and Griffith University. Her passion now is giving back and helping Ambitious Small Business Owners with the smart Strategies she learned in Corporate so you too can have BETTER Results, FASTER.

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(Limited space, FREE Tickets will go quickly! Grab yours now and bring-a-friend)