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Hour of Power Walk + Yoga + Meditation FREE
Every new day is an opportunity for you to be more of who you are. To allow this to happen it is important that we start our day with our HOUR OF POWER. We will start with our walk incorporating empowering mindfulness techniques collated together from some of the biggest guru's in the world. To finish you may like to stay a little longer to join in with some Yoga and meditation. Be prepared for an unusual however inspiring exercise routine. Look Great, FEEL GREAT, Feel Confident, Feel Connected, Feel Alive & FEEL FREE. BOOST: ENERGY & HAPPINESS Visit us at: Feel Great Naked skin body mind (http://www.feelgreatnaked.com.au/) Visit us at Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/mobileipl2u/) Hour Of Power: 3 Techniques: •Breathing used to wake up & revitalise the body while walking. • Mantra affirmation to start your day • Extra energetic movements with pressure points and full body stimulation to detox and ground. Stick around for the meditation to visualise your day a head. Extra Notes: All activity is undertaken solely at your own risk and is at no time the responsibility of the event organiser. If you have not confirmed you are attending, please note that the time my change. This is a space of non judgemental attitude and unconditional positive regard. This is a place of growth and empowerment where we share and support each other. At the same time we ensure we are being respectful towards others. This includes all discussions to remain confidential. Please note that in some cases underlying emotions can be lifted to the surface for release. If this occurs please ensure you contact your coordinator so we can ensure you are give contact details for external support. Yoga is not done by a qualified yoga in-structure on this occasion and is done at your own discretion. This is not a business networking event however the more tools the better. If you have some tools to share than please let me know at the end of, or outside of our meetup. Visit us at: Feel Great Naked skin body mind (http://www.feelgreatnaked.com.au/) Visit us at Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/mobileipl2u/)

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This group is to empower women with skills on how to look & feel their best inside and out.


Meet like minded individuals that are ready to take there life in their own hands. Those who are ready to grow as individuals and joining with qualified professionals who have already been on a journey of self empowerment putting together the best skills possible. Learn the truth from qualified technicians with both national international experience.

FREE & Paid


• Walks -beach, city, creeks, hikes, parks.

• Free style dancing - beaches, creeks, parks.

• Breakfasts/ drinks/ lunch/ dinner/ nights out. -

• Markets extra activities

• Tree Climbing -

• Yoga/ meditation -

• Workshops/ Education

Feel Healthy • Look healthy • Look vibrant • Look younger • Feel younger

Feel inspired • Feel empowered • Feel free • Increase energy • Increased Self esteem • Feel happy • Feel confident

Look Beautiful • Feel Beautiful • Be Beautiful




Held at Gold Coast/ Brisbane/ Glass house mountains.

Feel Great Naked skin body mind (http://www.feelgreatnaked.com.au/)

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