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Hawksburn Station

· South Yarra

How to find us

We'll be standing in Luxton Rd outside the station

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What we'll do

We all know we need regular exercise to be fit and healthy, the Key is REGULAR EXERCISE. but for one reason or another, we just don't do it. These walks are for those who want help and company while developing some good, regular, exercise habits.

I have been doing this walk several days a week for a few years, I was 123 Kgms and now I'm 99 Kgms, so I have lost 24Kgms, and I plan on loosing at least another 10 Kgms in the next year or so.

We start in Luxton Rd outside the Hawksburn railway station, and walk to Caulfield station, then get the train back to Hawksburn. The walk takes about 90 Minutes and is about 6 Kms long. I walk at a steady pace, not racing and not dawdling.

After leaving Hawksburn station, we walk along back streets in Hawksburn and Toorak, till we get to High St in Armadale. We walk along High St to Glenferrie Rd, down Glenferrie Rd to Dandenong Rd, and take Dandenong Rd to Caulfield station

My goal is to make sure I do the walk regularly, and to avoid boredom, I vary the walk from time to time, by going through Orrong Romnis Reserve instead of the back streets of Toorak, and sometimes going through the back streets of Malvern to Caulfield station instead of down Dandenong Rd.

If I'm feeling Hungry, I stop at Subway in Malvern for a healthy snack, and sometimes go to Boost Juice in Malvern or Caulfield for a healthy drink. I've learn't where some rest rooms are along the way, so those with a weak bladder need not be concerned, and it's a good walk for those who are starting out to improve their health and fitness, as we go past several stations and tram stops, so if you get tired before we get to Caulfield, you can hop onto some public transport and go home.

The walk is dog friendly, and some of the shops in High St and Glenferrie Rd put out water bowls for dogs to have a drink.

I have on occasions extended the walk, one time going to Cheltenham Station, about 20 Kms, and on another going to Clayton Station, so there is lots of flexibility, and once we get to Caulfield station, if anyone wants to walk further, then I'm quite open to it.

For those who are serious about getting fit and / or loosing weight, I do the walk every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, which gives me 6 hours of exercise a week, combined with the right diet is a nice amount to loose weight at steady health rate. Those who only want regular healthy exercise might only want to come twice a week, which will give you 3 hours of exercise a week.


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