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FITNESS ADVENTURES MIDLANDS is for those who enjoy the great outdoors ...

... but, above all, for those who embrace fellowship and fun in the company of like minded people ...

... creating great value innovative and bespoke adventures; at home and abroad.

At FITNESS ADVENTURES MIDLANDS, there will be something for everyone, ranging from country walks, to weekends away, to adventure activities. Since the Group formed in March 2017, we have canoed, climbed, cycled, hiked, scrambled, run, swum, walked ... and, drunk; of course.

We hope the Group can become a platform where you can meet others who might encourage you to pursue that elusive personal goal; maybe to achieve something on that "bucket list" that requires other, like-minded people. Obviously, the success and longevity of the Group depends upon members embracing the adventures; please become an active member of the Group; we would love to hear from you with your ideas for developing the Group.

Some of our programmes may well be challenging but all should be within reach of those with an average level of fitness; fellowship and fun is at the centre of all we do.

The Group is about personal well-being; about being comfortable, healthy and happy; embracing the outdoors. Whilst fitness may well be a core value, we are absolutely not a Group of fitness fanatics. Please do not be put off from joining our activities with the "excuse" that you are not fit enough; we hope you will join us, try new activities, visit new places and make new friends.

Our goal is to create programmes where you can improve your fitness in a fun an friendly environment. Our trips will often utilise either expert local guides or specialist instructors in their field; when travelling abroad, this will allow us to explore with local people gaining an insight into the customs, culture and traditions of that country, visiting places "off the beaten track" and away from the more usual attractions.

FITNESS ADVENTURES MIDLANDS is about fellowship and fun, encouraging each other to develop our fitness, explore new places and enhance personal well-being. We look forward to welcoming you to our Group.


In becoming a member of Fitness Adventures Midlands (“the Group”), you agree and acknowledge that the Group, the Group organiser(s) or any host of the Group’s events or activities (be they other members of the Group or guest hosts), either individually or collectively, do not have a legal duty of care to Group members and/or guests of the Group and that the Group organiser(s), including event hosts accept no liability for any accident howsoever caused occurring from, or for any injuries or loss arising out of, participation in any organised events or Group activities, including any travel to and from events.

The purpose of the Group is to arrange social activities for the members of Fitness Adventures Midlands (“the Group”). Members of the Group and any guests participate in events entirely at their own risk. It is not the responsibility of the Group's organising team or event hosts to check the suitability of individuals to take part in any event; it is the specific and sole responsibility of the individual participating in any Group event to ensure that they are in a fit medical state to do so. Further, it is not the responsibility of the Group’s organiser(s) or event hosts for the actions of any individual Group member or their/any guest.

Group members are expected to be respectful towards others, be they Group members or members of the public and to property. Any behaviour, physical or verbal, thought to be inappropriate, abusive, threatening or offensive in any way will not be tolerated. The Group organiser(s) reserve the right to exclude any Group member and/or any guest where behaviour is deemed to be unacceptable; the Group organiser(s) decision will be final and binding; no discussion or correspondence will be entered into.

It is a condition of joining the Group that you acknowledge that the Group organiser(s) including event hosts of any Group activities do not necessarily hold any professional qualifications and that they may not have attended any formal training in relation to any of the events organised by the Group. The organising team and event hosts merely volunteer to organise and host events; the organising team of any event and any event hosts thereof accept no liability for any accident, injury or loss howsoever arising.

The Group organiser(s) and any event hosts will not be held responsible for the welfare, safety or access requirements of any member or guest who participates in any of the Group's event. Every member is responsible for their own safety and no liability will be accepted for any loss, injury or damage, howsoever caused. Members attend all events at their own risk and it is mandatory that you and any guests have valid and up to date insurance covering all risks before participating in any Group events; when travelling abroad, you are also required to carry a valid EHIC card.

It is a further condition of joining the Group that you acknowledge and consent that photographs taken during any of the Group’s events may be posted on the Group’s Meetup Page and any other social media platform operated by the Group. If you do not wish photographs to be published, you should not attend Group events.

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Liverpool John Lennon Airport

GBP 52.50

HIKE THE HIGH ATLAS MOUNTAINS, MOROCCO … just £349 per person. Dating back centuries, Morocco is an explosion of colour, tradition, soul and spice. OUR EIGHT-DAY ADVENTURE explores Ait Bouguemez (“Happy Valley”), one of Morocco’s most beautiful areas, with the option to climb Jebel M’goun, Morocco’s third highest peak. Along the way, we camp under brilliant night skies, see extraordinary landscapes and maybe share a pot of mint tea with Berber nomads. Our adventure concludes with dinner at our guide’s family home. This privately organised adventure is exclusive to Fitness Adventures Midlands; please message for a full trip itinerary as Meetup limits event descriptions to just 4,000 characters. HIGHLIGHTS Four day walks amid beautiful remote Berber landscapes Optional trek to M’goun Summit (4,068 metres) Superb freshly prepared breakfasts, lunches, dinners End of trek dinner at our guide’s family home Visit the sights and sounds of Marrakech A FULLY QUALIFIED AND LICENSED AMAZIGH GUIDE will lead our adventure. The Atlas Mountains are home to the Berber people; their real name is Amazigh, meaning “free people”. We gain an insight into the life of these friendly people as we enjoy their culture, traditions and hospitality. You will see traditional adobe villages where people live in ways that have been the same for generations. THE PRICE INCLUDES ALL MEALS on the trek (but, not in Marrakech), with the Moroccan cuisine a particular highlight of the adventure. The food photographs that accompany this description were taken on our recent adventures to Mount Toubkal and Jebel Saghro. Our journey begins and ends in the vibrant imperial city of Marrakech, the spiritual heart of Morocco and a city like no other. Unravel the infamous Medina and Jemaa El-Fna, where you witness the true culture of Marrakech with street sellers, fire eaters and snake charmers. DAY 1 - MARRAKECH to AIT ALI-n-ITTO Meet our guide; lunch at Imin Ifri (not included); visit natural caves; see prehistoric rock art; overnight at Ait Ali-n-Itto DAY 2 - AIT ALI-n-ITTO to TASSGAYWALT Meet our mules and muleteers; explore Tassawt Valley (“Valley of the Birds”); lunch at Ichbbakn DAY 3 - TASSGAYWALT to M’GOUN Talkeddit plateau towards Akka-n-Wandrass, a place for the nomads; lunch at Ideghmamn; incredible views of Tassaout Valley; overnight camp near Jebel M’goun DAY 4 - M’GOUN SUMMIT Early morning departure; incredible summit views to Rose Valley and Ouarzazate; overnight at M’goun basecamp Day 5 - M’GOUN BASECAMP to TIMITE Walk over Tizi-n-Oughrey passing Ikiss-n-Arous to Timite; end of trek dinner at our guide’s family home DAY 6 - TIMITE to MARRAKECH Au revoir to our muleteers; Ibaqlliwn village to see dinosaur prints; lunch at Azilal (not included); visit to Ouzoud Waterfalls; return to Marrakech DAY 7 - OPTIONAL DAY IN MARRAKECH DAY 8 - FLIGHT HOME DISCLAIMER - Whilst it is our intention to adhere to the route described, it may be necessary or desirable to make alterations. MANDATORY ITEMS - Insurance, walking boots above the ankle, waterproof jacket and head-torch are mandatory. You will also be required to complete a Personal Declaration. This and a kit list will be sent to you. THE DETAIL - a non-refundable deposit of £50 by bank transfer (or £52.50 via Paypal to reflect their fees) will secure your place on our “Hike the High Atlas Mountains” adventure. The cost of the trip is £349; a balancing payment of £299 is due on 1 July 2019. You risk forfeiting your place (and your deposit) if payments are not made on time. PLEASE NOTE - return flights are NOT included; however, this trip has been organised around specific flights; please do NOT book flights until this becomes a confirmed trip (minimum numbers required). IN PARTICULAR - by joining this trip, you agree to the Group’s cancellation policy; you should familiarise yourself with the Group’s “TERMS AND DISCLAIMER”, clearly expressed on our Home Page … select “HOME” and click on “About us”.


The Blue Nile Restaurant

GBP 16.00

After a wonderful night in April, attended by over 30 people, another chance to join us at: THE BLUE NILE RESTAURANT, 28 Great Hampton Street, Birmingham, B18 6AA THURSDAY 31 OCTOBER 2019 from 19:30 hrs JOIN US FOR AN ETHIOPIAN EVENING at The Blue Nile Restaurant, 28 Great Hampton Street, Birmingham, B18 6AA ... meet either at The Lord Clifden pub (immediately next to the Blue Nile Restaurant) from 18:00 hrs (weather permitting, we'll be in the garden at the rear) or, at The Blue Nile at 19:30 hrs. MANY MEMBERS HAVE ASKED FOR A SOCIAL EVENT ... this will be a great opportunity to meet other members of the Group, renew friendships for those on previous adventures and to experience the true culture and hospitality of Ethiopia and her cuisine. ETHIOPIA 2020 ... during the evening, learn more about our plans to visit this extraordinary country in 2020; and, be one of only twelve people who can provisionally reserve a place on this incredible, privately organised, bespoke adventure. Ethiopia, in the Horn of Africa and descending from the ancient land of Abyssinia, is an incredibly beautiful country. With archaeological finds dating back more than three million years, it’s a place of ancient culture where some of the oldest skeletal evidence for modern humanity has been found. Among its important sites are Lalibela with its rock-cut Christian churches from the twelfth and thirteenth centuries and Axum, the ruins of an ancient city with Our Lady Mary of Zion church. And, the Danakil Depression, the hottest place on earth. Ethiopia has the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Africa. OWNED AND RUN BY KASSIM and his wonderful team, The Blue Nile offers a fabulous and authentic Eritrean and Ethiopian experience ... the menu for the evening will include: Doro Wot - Ethiopian Chicken Stew Yebeg Alicha - Ethiopian Lamb Stew Yebeg Keye Wot - Ethiopian Beef Stew Minchet Abish Alicha - Ethiopian Ground Minced Lamb Minchet Abis - Ethiopian Minced Meat Misr Wot - Ethiopian Lentil Stew Kik Wot - Ethiopian Split Pea Stew Gomen Wot - Ethiopian Collard Greens Stew Tikl Gomen Wot - Ethiopian Cabbage Stew Brown Lentils Shiro Wot - Ethiopian Chick Pea and Broad Bean Stew Blue Nile Salad Vegetable Samosas Rice Injera - Sourdough Flatbread; the national dish THE BUFFET CATERS FOR VEGETARIANS AND VEGANS ... please message me if you have any other dietary requirements. Please note that the menu may vary on the day depending upon the availability of fresh produce. THE EVENING - please join us to learn more about our exciting plans for the year ahead. THE DETAIL - a non-refundable payment of £15:00 payable via UK bank transfer (£16:00 payable via Paypal to take into account their fees) will secure your place at our "Blue Nile Social Evening". THE SMALL PRINT - by joining this evening, you will be agreeing to the Group’s cancellation policy, available upon request. IN PARTICULAR – by joining the evening you also confirm acceptance of the Group’s “TERMS AND DISCLAIMER”, clearly expressed on our Home Page … select “HOME” from the site menu and click on “About us …”


Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

ONE OF THE TRULY GREAT ADVENTURES Join us as we reach out for The Roof of Africa One of the most spectacular sites on earth, Mount Kilimanjaro rises majestically to a height of 19,345 feet above the plains of Africa … it is the highest free-standing mountain on earth; yet, technically, Kilimanjaro is not a mountain at all but rather a giant “stratovolcano” that began forming about a million years ago … Climb Kilimanjaro will be in late June 2018 (please note, the dates published are provisional) … at this stage, we are seeking EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST to join us on this incredible bespoke, privately organised, adventure … first refusal will be given to those who have registered interest AND forwarded us a personal e-mail link by private message before 30 September 2017 … we intend to publish full details of the trip on 1 October 2017 when you will be able to secure your place with an initial deposit of £250; the trip will be limited to twenty people … Make no mistake, our adventure will be tough, yet exhilarating … you will likely be stretched to the limits of your physical, mental and emotional boundaries; your reward will be memories that last for your lifetime … the reason many people fail to reach Uhuru Peak, the highest point in Africa, is simply because they are not properly prepared; no matter how incredible that may sound, it is true … For this reason, we are privileged that PATRICK HICKIE will join us for our challenge … Patrick was one of the earliest members of Fitness Adventures Midlands so, he is one of us … Patrick has been climbing and mountaineering for over thirty years; he is a fully qualified mountaineering and climbing instructor, holding the Mountaineering Instructor Award and a member of the Association of Mountaineering Instructors; he has held both the Summer and Winter Mountain Leader certificates for over twenty years ... in addition to this, he is a fully qualified International Mountain Leader and a member of the British Association of International Mountain Leaders … Patrick is involved in most aspects of mountaineering in all its forms … he has joined first and second ascent expeditions in the Himalayas and has climbed in corners of the world as far flung as Alaska, Patagonia and New Zealand … Patrick will not only be available for consultation and advice in the lead up to our adventure; he will accompany us on our climb … he will also be offering a number of talks and training weekends as we build towards Kilimanjaro; these will be published on this Meetup site in the months ahead … In joining our Climb Kilimanjaro adventure, you will be required to raise a minimum of £1,250 to help fund a classroom at a new secondary school (pictured above) currently under construction at Nadasoito in northern Tanzania … this school is being built through the endeavours of Made With Hope (UK Registered Charity:[masked]) – http://www.madewithhope.org Nadasoito is situated near the base of Kilimanjaro and our adventure will include a day visit to the school so that you can be certain your fundraising endeavours are being properly spent … maybe, you are thinking “what happens if I don’t reach my £1,250 target”; the simple answer is don’t worry, you will; if you truly have the desire to conquer Kilimanjaro, you will easily achieve your fund-raising target … this means that, long after you have climbed Kilimanjaro, generations of families will lead enriched lives as a result of the contribution you have made … Our programme will also include a full day cultural tour where we will visit Mulala and spend a day meeting the Meru Tribe and learn their way of living, including a traditional lunch; our day will give us a real insight into the everyday life and culture of this remarkable area … the Meru, also known as the Rwa, are a Chaga-speaking Tanzanian ethnic and linguistic group native to the slopes of Mount Meru in Arusha Region … THE PROGRAMME There are seven major routes to climb Kilimanjaro; some operators will make blanket statements that a particular route is "good" or "bad" but the truth is that each route has its own advantages and disadvantages; our climb will see us take the Lemosho Route … The Lemosho Route is widely regarded as the most beautiful route by which to climb Kilimanjaro … it is the route preferred by many reputable operators due to its beauty, remoteness and success rate; it is the most scenic and unspoilt climbing option traversing beautiful forests and moorlands; in short, it maximizes the chances that a climber will reach the summit whilst enjoying the overall experience … Whilst we will climb Kilimanjaro via the Seven-Day Lemosho Route, the precise details of days/camps/stops is still subject to confirmation with our guides in Tanzania and, therefore, details may change slightly ... however, the likely plan is as follows … Our trek will begin at Londorossi Gate, at the western base of the mountain and includes seven days of trekking, providing time to acclimatise to the altitude and therefore a better chance of reaching the summit; the route heads across the Shira Plateau, approaching the summit from the east; the descent follows the Mweka trail ... our provisional itinerary will be: DAY ONE Fly to Kilimanjaro DAY TWO Transfer to our hotel for one night’s stay and pre-trek briefing DAY THREE Londorossi Gate to Mti Mkubwa Camp Elevation: 7,742 feet to 9,498 feet Distance: 6 kms Hiking Time: 3-4 hours Habitat: Montane Forest Our adventure begins as we meet our mountain guide and drive to Londorossi Gate, the entrance to Mount Kilimanjaro National Park, where we register for the climb and meet our Wachagga guides and porters; the last 5km of the track to Londorossi Gate is rough going but, part of the adventure; this is Africa !!! … we lunch in the glades before starting the climb; the first day’s trek winds up through the lush forest zone on to the lower slopes of the northern side of the mountain on a little used track to Shira Plateau; there is a good chance of seeing wildlife including buffalo and black and white Colobus monkeys ... we trek until Mti Mkubwa (Big Tree) and our overnight camp site … DAY FOUR Mti Mkubwa Camp to Shira Camp II Elevation: 9.498 feet to 12,700 feet Distance: 16 kms Hiking Time: 8 hours Habitat: Moorland and Semi Desert The trail is very steep today but we will be rewarded with some incredible views … after breakfast, we climb to the top of the forest and then the trail gradually steepens and enters the giant heather moorland zone … we reach Shira Camp I where there are some magnificent views of Kibo Peak and Western Breach; we continue to hike East across the Shira Plateau past the Shira Cathedral towards Shira Camp II where the views of the plateau are nothing less than spectacular ... after arrival at Shira Camp II, Patrick will lead a voluntary afternoon/evening trek further up and back down to assist with acclimatisation … DAY FIVE Shira Camp II to Barrano Camp Elevation: 12,700ft to 13,044ft Distance: 4 kms Hiking Time: 2-3 hours Habitat: Semi Desert From the Shira Camp II we continue to the east towards Kibo summit before turning south-east towards the Lava Tower (“Shark's Tooth”) at an altitude of 15,200 feet; shortly after the tower, we come to a second junction, which leads us up to the Arrow Glacier; from here, we continue on and drop back down to the to the Barranco Hut to enjoy a well-deserved rest, evening meal and overnight camp in a sheltered area below the spectacular cliffs of the Breach Wall; the Breach Wall, the dome of Uhuru and the edge of the Heim Glacier dominate the head of the valley … whilst today gains only 300 feet in altitude, there is a height gain of around 2,500 feet as we approach Lava Tower before dropping back down to Barranco Hut; this makes for an excellent acclimatisation profile … DAY SIX Barranco Camp to Karanga Camp Elevation: 13,044 feet to 13,250 feet Distance: 5.5 kms Hiking Time: 5 hours Habitat: Alpine Desert Our day begins with a steep traverse up the Barranco Wall (picture below); this 257 metre high rock face requires basic scrambling skills, taking us to the top of the Karanga Valley ... after the scramble to the top of the Barranco Wall, we traverse scree fields beneath the icy snouts of Heim, Kersten and Decken Glaciers; our path follows a series of inclines and declines to Karanga Camp and our resting place for the night … again, we only gain 300 feet in altitude during the day; however, after arrival at Karanga Camp, Patrick will again lead a voluntary afternoon/evening trek further up and back down to assist with acclimatisation … DAY SEVEN Karanga Camp to Barafu Camp Elevation: 13,250 feet to 15,360 feet Distance: 3.5 kms Hiking Time: 5 hours Habitat: Alpine Desert From Karanga Camp we head east along the Southern Circuit, meeting up with the top part of the Mweka trail and continuing up a steep ridge to the Barafu Camp (meaning "ice" in Swahili); standing amidst a desert of bleak tundra, this is our high camp from where the peaks of Mawenzi and Kibo can be seen … after arrival at Barafu Camp, Patrick will lead a small voluntary excursion further up and back down to assist with acclimatisation before tomorrow’s assault on the summit … DAY EIGHT Barafu Camp - Uhuru Peak - Mweka Camp Elevation: 15,300 feet to 19,345 feet (and, back down to 10,200 feet) Distance: 5 kms ascent / 12 kms descent Hiking Time: 7-8 hours ascent / 4-6hrs descent Habitat: Arctic Today, is Summit Day … very early in the “morning” (as early as midnight), we rise and begin our journey in the extreme cold to the summit, passing between the Rebmann and Ratzel glaciers; we head in a north-westerly direction and ascend through heavy scree towards Stella Point at 18,600 feet on the crater rim; here, we will stop for a short rest and, weather permitting, we will be rewarded with the most magnificent sunrise we are are ever likely to see … from here it’s another hour’s walk west along the crater rim past Hans Meyer's Point (named after the German geologist who made the first successful ascent in 1889) to reach Uhuru Peak (meaning “Freedom Peak”) at 19,345 feet; if the summit is clear, there are fine views over the Mawenzi’s icefields and jagged peaks to the east, and of Mount Meru to the west ... From the summit, we now begin our descent continuing straight down to the Mweka Hut camp at 10,200 feet; this descent should take around 6 hours … Mweka Camp is situated in the upper forest and mist or rain can be expected in the late afternoon; later in the evening, we enjoy our last camp dinner on the mountain before a well-earned rest ... DAY NINE Mweka Camp to Mweka Gate Elevation: 10,200 feet to 5,400 feet Distance: 10 kms Hiking Time: 3-4 hours Habitat: Rain Forest After breakfast, we continue the descent down to the Mweka Park Gate to receive our summit certificates … the Mweka Route descends across alpine meadow and through rainforest and shamba passing coffee and banana plantations as we approach Mweka Village; from Mweka Park Gate, we trek for another hour to Mweka Village where, after bidding farewell to the guides and porters, a vehicle will meet us to drive us back to our hotel ... DAYS TEN, ELEVEN and TWELVE Programme to include visit to Nadasoito Secondary School, “homestay” day visit to the Meru people, optional safari day (not included in the price) … DAY THIRTEEN Return to our hotel to prepare for our journey home DAY FOURTEEN Fly home THE DETAIL At this stage, we are inviting EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST to join us on this incredible bespoke, privately organised, adventure … first refusal will be given to those who have registered interest AND forwarded us a personal e-mail link by private message before 30 September 2017 … we intend to publish full details of the trip on 1 October 2017 when you will be able to secure your place with an initial deposit of £250; the trip will be limited to twenty people … In particular, you should familiarise yourself with the Group’s “TERMS AND DISCLAIMER” which are clearly expressed on the Group’s Home Page to this site … select “HOME” from the site menu and then Click on “About us…” Full details of this incredible bespoke adventure will be circulated if you have registered interest AND forwarded us a personal e-mail link by private message before 30 September 2017 … please message me if you have any questions …


Holme Farm Campsite

GBP 22.50

THE YORKSHIRE THREE PEAKS CHALLENGE is one of the UK's most rewarding single day challenges ... a day where you get to enjoy the spectacular scenery of The Yorkshire Dales National Park. SUNDAY 29 MARCH 2020 sees us bring you another opportunity to complete The Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge. The mountains of Pen-y-Ghent (694 m / 2,277 ft), Whernside (736 m / 2,415 ft) and Ingleborough (723 m / 2,372 ft) are collectively known as The Yorkshire Three Peaks. The "Challenge" is to walk the three peaks in under 12 hours; the total walking distance is 24.5 miles (39.2 kms), and includes 5,200ft (1,585m) of ascent and descent. The Three Peaks of Pen-y-Ghent, Whernside and Ingleborough are among the best known hills in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, having featured on the TV programme "Seven Natural Wonders" as one of the wonders of Yorkshire. The peaks, which form part of the Pennine range, encircle the heads of the valleys of the River Ribble and of Chapel-le-Dale in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. The Challenge is within the reach of most active people with reasonable levels of fitness, requiring you to keep walking at a comfortable speed of around 2.5 miles per hour (4km/h); this means you should be able to talk without getting out of breath. You will be rewarded with stunning views over vast areas of Yorkshire and out to the Lake District and the coast. You'll see classic country features of limestone pavements, with their own little micro-habitats for plants, as well as sink holes and pots. Throughout the day, one or other of the peaks is in view, with their distinctive steep craggy tops where gritstone edges sit atop the underlying limestone. Most groups do this walk on a Saturday which means the route can be an almost non-stop line of walkers wearing the brightly-coloured T-shirt of whichever charity they are supporting. Whilst the causes are worthy, the over-crowding can detract from the enjoyment of the walk. You will be in a group of no more than twelve people, rather than the mass groups numbering up to three figures giving you much more opportunity to get to know one another and share the experience. THE DEAL … a non-refundable single payment of £20:00 payable via UK bank transfer (or £22:50 payable via PayPal to take into account their fees) will secure your place on our Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge. PLEASE NOTE … travel to and from Horton-in-Ribblesdale is NOT included, leaving you free to make your own travel arrangements (please message me if you would like to know where others are travelling from to share costs) … all meals, drinks and personal spending money are also not included. THE PROGRAMME SATURDAY 28 MARCH 2020 Arrive at Holme Farm Campsite, Horton-in-Ribblesdale Pitch tent Meet others joining The Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge Evening drinks and dinner (not included in cost) SUNDAY 24 MARCH 2020 Early morning rise, shower and breakfast (bring your own) Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge briefing The Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge start time 06:00 hrs Please bring your own refreshments (food / water) for the walk Target Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge finish time 18:00 hrs Celebratory drink (not included in cost) Travel home immediately afterwards KIT LIST - a suggested kit list will be provided. However, insurance, walking boots above the ankle, waterproof jacket and head-torch are mandatory. You will also be required to complete a Personal Declaration. THE DETAIL - you should familiarise yourself with the Group’s “TERMS AND DISCLAIMER” which are clearly expressed on the Group’s Home Page to this site … select “HOME” from the site menu and then Click on “About us…”

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