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Frankfurt Data Science is a group for aspiring and experienced data scientists interested in shaping next generation analytics and pushing fast forward local analytics ecosystem.

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TAKE-OFF KICK-OFF (our project with Google)

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

Dear People, Now something special. It’s not just ‘another event’ rather a mission to create a distinct and continuous value for people from our community. Together with Google Engineers and its technology we will support those who already have own project, working on it and need a boost in a form of data science know-how, industry insights, technology or tools. It can be individual, team, startup, student or company, does not matter. We called this genuine project - TAKE-OFF and this event is its Kick-Off. Everyone is invited to listen to the talks from Google team and witness pitches of people from our community about their data science projects. PROGRAM 1830 Doors open/socializing 1900 Talks start 2030 Socializing 2230 End 1. TALK BY GOOGLE 2. PROJECT PITCHES - VERIVINUM by Vicosmo Vicosmo is a startup that offers a unique combination of wine know-how and modern market research by creating and analyzing the wine market using the latest, innovative techniques in big-data- and machine learning. https://www.vicosmo.com - WHEELMAP by CorrelAid Wheelmap is a map for wheelchair accessible places. Since 2010, everyone can find, register and rate wheelchair accessible places - easily and clearly. Wheelchair users and wheelchair users around the world use Wheelmap.org as a tool for their daily planning. How cool it would be to pump this initiative with deep learning?! https://sozialhelden.de/wheelmap https://correlaid.org/en/correlaid-x/rhein-main - MM-SURE & MM-CARE by MINDS medical The admission of new customers presents insurers with health and life insurance policies with the challenge of evaluating individual risks arising from health issues. Often the risks are wrongly assessed. The costs for medical risk evaluations and broker sales are enormously high. In German hospitals alone, about 20 million patients are treated as inpatients every year. Hospitals have to hire doctors and medical controllers to bill health insurance companies - well-paid workers who are difficult or costly to find on the market. The consequences are poor and late billing, while an increasing number of hospitals are threatened by insolvency. http://minds-medical.de - BEE OBSERVER BOB by CorrelAid & University of Bremen Bees have never been as endangered as they are today. Unrestricted use of pesticides and expanding monocultures put them at risk. Therefore, together with partners from all over Germany, University of Bremen launched this project. The aim is to encourage a reevaluation of traditional practices and, where appropriate, to change them for the benefit of the bees’ health. The approach is to equip hives with sensor technology and to record data on the condition in the interior. https://www.buergerschaffenwissen.de/projekt/bee-observer-bob https://correlaid.org/en/correlaid-x/rhein-main ———— If you want to know more or take part as a project, all details are here https://rebrand.ly/bqx89u With lots of love, Frankfurt Data Science Team

Vienna, Space Junk & Use Case From California

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

Beautiful people, straight to the business: PROGRAM 1830 Doors open/socializing 1900 Talks start 2030 Socializing 2230 End TALK 1: SMART MARITIME PORT OPERATIONS Maritime industry lags behind other transport industries in terms of use of technology. However there is an immense potential there. A group of ports in California decided to leverage power of data science to optimize its operations. For this task they hired our speaker Arezki Djelouadji and his mate, Engineering graduates from Berkley University. Use case context, challenges, technical solution, results and outcome are in Arezki’s talk. Arezki is an Aerospace Engineer, Data Scientist, Consultant and co-founder of Hinsight Analytics a B2B AI tech-startup. https://www.linkedin.com/in/arezkidjelouadji http://www.hinsight.co TALK 2: THE TRUTH ABOUT SPACE JUNK AND HOW ML CAN PREVENT A CATASTROPHE 'Space Debris Gang’ that’s how at European Space Agency (ESA), guys who are fighting with space junk are called. Huh, sounds like a awesome title for the next sci-fi blockbuster! Space Debris team will tell the whole story and describe use case about continuous battle with junk around the Earth orbit. Where debris come from? How these are discovered? How do we know if there is a probability of debris harming a particular satellite? How ESA protects satellites from debris collision? And why now, it is time to bring Machine Learning to the Space Debris realm by starting Collision Avoidance Machine Learning Challenge, a Kaggle-like competition. Guys will share pitfalls they made when preparing for this competition and how they solved them. https://kelvins.esa.int/collision-avoidance-challenge TALK 3: HOW DATA SCIENCE IS DONE IN VIENNA We have a special guest from Vienna - Wulf Weidinger, one of the founders of our brother meetup in Vienna. Vienna guys are doing same stuff we do in Frankfurt. We gonna know from Wulf, how the data science is done in Austria and what kind of bridges are possible. Wulf is a Data Scientist himself working as a Head of Data & Analytics, Senior Manager @ Digital Services at PwC. http://www.vdsg.at https://www.meetup.com/Vienna-Data-Science-Group-Meetup https://www.linkedin.com/in/wolfgang-weidinger SUPPORTERS: Thanks to our supporters SAS | www.sas.com/de_de and STATWORX |www.statworx.de and our kind hosts Frankfurt School of Finance & Management| www.fs.de BIG BIG THANKS! Without them, this event won’t be possible. We are super excited to work with you! As always LIVESTREAM|www.youtube.com/c/FrankfurtDataScience To get closer join our LinkedIn Group|www.linkedin.com/groups/[masked] Yours / FFMDataScience Team

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