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And ... [drum roll] ... hello everyone!

Missed us during the summer, we do!

This time we have fantastic talks including predicting when your ‘annoying colleague’ will leave you alone and quit his/her job. We gonna talk about most exciting part of data science - People Analytics.

1830 Doors open/socializing
1900 Talks start
2030 Socializing
2230 End

Before we start with the main topic of the evening, we want to share something special. Maybe some of you heard about event we did few weeks ago - Concerto ’The Cloud Atlas’. This event format is a mix of art performances with technology talks. Guys from Thinkport and other teams made awesome talks there. We want them to share with you one of the talks that we did not include in that event. Tobias Drechsel, CEO of Thinkport and ‘multi-millionaire’ will tell about his experience on patterns for data structuring as well as show reference architectures of data lakes of his real clients. There is something for Big Data Engineers here![masked]

Johannes Fuhr and Thomas Görtz, founders of Predict42, are doing People Analytics professionally by working on such cool use cases like predicting employee behaviour and resignation prediction. They are trying hard to bring more sense into what HR-people are doing. In their talk they will tell about challenges and opportunities of People Analytics and tell you why you should consider People Analytics as your main domain of expertise. As a highlight, they will present their attrition prediction use case which has been implemented with R & Shiny.

SUPPORTERS: Thanks to our supporters SAS | and STATWORX | and our kind hosts Frankfurt School of Finance & Management| BIG BIG THANKS! Without them, this event won’t be possible. We are super excited to work with you!

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Yours / FFMDataScience Team