How to Become a Data Scientist and Cash in Your Expertise

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Join us at Seminarhaus at Goethe Uni Campus Westend, take a look a map here:[masked]/Campus_Westend-pdf.pdf On the map, it is #19

Hi Everyone!

This is Special edition meetup. The topic of the evening - Education. According to our surveys it is one of the most demanded topics to be covered.

However, this topic won’t be entirely revealed, if we won’t expose the whole storyline and particularly - ’How to find a job’.

Questions to be covered:
- What is the right track for me?
- What and where should I learn?
- What chances do I have on job market?
- What salary should I ask for?
- What role suits me best data scientist/engineer/analyst or something else?
- Okay, I am working as a Data Scientist, what’s next?

1800 Doors open & socialising
1900 Intro
1910 Keynote

This story is worth to be published in such top management periodicals like Harvard Business Review or MIT Sloan. Timo Gemmecker, Head of Business Analytics @ Mercedes-Benz Cars Finance | Daimler AG will share company’s strategy and hands-on experience on most toughest problem of all companies: How to change mindset and empower everyone in the company to use power of Analytics. It can be done with a help of trainings, the rest is in his talk.

1930 Lightning talks

Several Data Scientists from different backgrounds will share their stories one after another in a form of short time-boxed talk that include their education path, first job experience, lessons learned and #1-advice to you.

2000 Fishbowl Q&A
Heads of Data Science, Education Gurus are on the stage to answer your most provocative questions.

SUPPORTERS | Thanks to our supporters, people from STATWORX | and BARC | Big thanks and round of applause! Without them, this edition won’t be possible.


With Love,
Frankfurt Data Science

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