• How to Become a Data Scientist and Cash in Your Expertise

    Seminarhaus, Campus Westend

    *Location is different than usual! Join us at Seminarhaus at Goethe Uni Campus Westend, take a look a map here: www.uni-frankfurt.de/[masked]/Campus_Westend-pdf.pdf On the map, it is #19 Hi Everyone! This is Special edition meetup. The topic of the evening - Education. According to our surveys it is one of the most demanded topics to be covered. However, this topic won’t be entirely revealed, if we won’t expose the whole storyline and particularly - ’How to find a job’. Questions to be covered: - What is the right track for me? - What and where should I learn? - What chances do I have on job market? - What salary should I ask for? - What role suits me best data scientist/engineer/analyst or something else? - Okay, I am working as a Data Scientist, what’s next? PROGRAM 1800 Doors open & socialising 1900 Intro 1910 Keynote DATA SCIENCE FOR EVERYONE - HOW MERCEDES-BENZ CARS FINANCE DEMOCRATIZED IT INSIDE THE COMPANY This story is worth to be published in such top management periodicals like Harvard Business Review or MIT Sloan. Timo Gemmecker, Head of Business Analytics @ Mercedes-Benz Cars Finance | Daimler AG will share company’s strategy and hands-on experience on most toughest problem of all companies: How to change mindset and empower everyone in the company to use power of Analytics. It can be done with a help of trainings, the rest is in his talk. www.linkedin.com/in/timogemmecker 1930 Lightning talks HOW THEY BECAME DATA SCIENTISTS? Several Data Scientists from different backgrounds will share their stories one after another in a form of short time-boxed talk that include their education path, first job experience, lessons learned and #1-advice to you. 2000 Fishbowl Q&A Heads of Data Science, Education Gurus are on the stage to answer your most provocative questions. SUPPORTERS | Thanks to our supporters, people from STATWORX | www.statworx.com and BARC | www.barc.de. Big thanks and round of applause! Without them, this edition won’t be possible. LIVESTREAM|www.youtube.com/c/FrankfurtDataScience With Love, Frankfurt Data Science ---- Nowadays Data Science trainings are springing up like mushrooms after the rain. Which of them worth time and money? We cannot clarify each of them, however, can say with confidence this one is worth to take a look: www.data-university.de/curriculum Why? Because it is organised and thought by people you know yourself, they gave brilliant expert hands-on talks at our events e.g. Fabian Müller or Sebastian Heinz. With this code, you will get 1/10 off: DU19#MeetUp! ----

  • You-&-Me Analytics

    New Campus Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

    And ... [drum roll] ... hello everyone! Missed us during the summer, we do! This time we have fantastic talks including predicting when your ‘annoying colleague’ will leave you alone and quit his/her job. We gonna talk about most exciting part of data science - People Analytics. PROGRAM 1830 Doors open/socializing 1900 Talks start 2030 Socializing 2230 End CLOUD ATLAS DÉJÀ VU Before we start with the main topic of the evening, we want to share something special. Maybe some of you heard about event we did few weeks ago - Concerto ’The Cloud Atlas’. This event format is a mix of art performances with technology talks. Guys from Thinkport and other teams made awesome talks there. We want them to share with you one of the talks that we did not include in that event. Tobias Drechsel, CEO of Thinkport and ‘multi-millionaire’ will tell about his experience on patterns for data structuring as well as show reference architectures of data lakes of his real clients. There is something for Big Data Engineers here! www.linkedin.com/in/tobias-drechsel-ba1319b6 www.thinkport.digital www.meetup.com/FrankfurtDataScience/photos/all_photos/?photoAlbumId=[masked] PEOPLE ANALYTICS: RESIGNATION PREDICTION USE CASE Johannes Fuhr and Thomas Görtz, founders of Predict42, are doing People Analytics professionally by working on such cool use cases like predicting employee behaviour and resignation prediction. They are trying hard to bring more sense into what HR-people are doing. In their talk they will tell about challenges and opportunities of People Analytics and tell you why you should consider People Analytics as your main domain of expertise. As a highlight, they will present their attrition prediction use case which has been implemented with R & Shiny. www.linkedin.com/in/johannesfuhr www.linkedin.com/in/thomas-goertz www.predict42.com SUPPORTERS: Thanks to our supporters SAS | www.sas.com/de_de and STATWORX |www.statworx.de and our kind hosts Frankfurt School of Finance & Management| www.fs.de BIG BIG THANKS! Without them, this event won’t be possible. We are super excited to work with you! As always LIVESTREAM|www.youtube.com/c/FrankfurtDataScience To get closer join our LinkedIn Group|www.linkedin.com/groups/[masked] Yours / FFMDataScience Team

  • Concerto: THE CLOUD ATLAS

    Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

    ***PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS NOT OUR REGULAR MEETUP-FORMAT EVENT, ENTRY ONLY WITH PRIOR REGISTRATION AND TICKET ON HANDS (registration link below)*** Hi Beautiful People, How is your summer going on? Missed us already? We do. This time we have really something exciting and different. This is one of our new formats that we called ‘Concerto’. Concerto is a fusion of Art and AI. This is an extraordinary event format for thinkers and innovators, partly by invitation and partly open. Here, we are combining demos and talks on focused topics with live performances of musicians and actors. It will last in memories lifelong. This concerto we called: THE CLOUD ATLAS Cloud and AI are two strong trends that are clearly merging as the ecosystem is moving towards intelligent applications. There is no discussion - for enterprises cloud-based AI is the way to go. Today is the best time to leverage its full power. Why, how and what? Answers and evidence real-life showcases from Thinkport team of cloud virtuosos in fusion with live violin concerto of classical masterpieces orchestrated by Frankfurt Data Science, hosted by Frankfurt School and supported by cool people from Thinkport. ALL DETAILS, REGISTRATION & WAITING LIST: https://bit.ly/2YSanMT TICKETS ARE LIMITED, REGISTRATION VIA THE LINK IS NECESSARY Cheers, Yours Frankfurt Data Science Team

  • GO DO GOOD DATA! ( Co-Meetup with Women Techmakers )

    Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

    On 27 of June we are bringing Frankfurt Data Science, Women Techmakers and Women in AI communities together to talk about the most IMPACTFUL topic for humankind and nature - Multiplying social good by using Data and AI. How many lives were saved with a help of predictive analytics in medical diagnostics? Hurricane Sandy, how many children were found under the ruins of houses and saved with a help of graph analytics? Hundreds and thousands. Oil spills diffusions are prevented with a help of deep learning of images made by satellites. Isn’t it all awesome? We have great people on the stage and in the room, professional, inspiring and confident. Besides, we are inviting our audience to take part at our super-special fishbowl discussion. 18:00 - DOORS OPEN 19:00 - WELCOME! Intro by WTM, Frankfurt Data Science and Women in AI 19:15 - TALKS TALK 1 SOCIAL CAUSE MATCHER By Vidya Munde-Müller, Co-Founder of GiveTastic Vidya founded a social startup that is matching our ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ with a right charity organizations, so we can make a right contribution to the right organisation on the matter our hearts care most, all that - easy, seamless and with a help of AI. www.givetastic.org https://de.linkedin.com/in/vidyamundemueller TALK 2 HOW SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS ARE USING DATA TO DO GOOD As heroes of the modern age, Social Entrepreneurs set out to change society for the better. Find out how data is playing a relevant role in their endeavours in this talk by Social Impact Lab Frankfurt incubation manager and Social Entrepreneurship Network Germany co-founder, Michael Wunsch. http://schnuw.com https://twitter.com/DrSchnuw https://frankfurt.socialimpactlab.eu http://www.send-ev.de TALK 3 PASSION IS NOT ENOUGH Andre Lange, Leader of local Rhein-Main Chapter of CorrelAid 650 voluntary data scientists, who have their normal daily full-time jobs, evenings are coding together deep learning algorithms to help mission-driven organisations to create more social good. How these people are doing that, is in this talk by Andre. https://correlaid.org https://de.linkedin.com/in/andre-lange-5a7290106 20:30 - FISHBOWL DISCUSSION 21:00 - NETWORKING SUPPORTERS: Thanks to our kind supporters SAS (https://www.sas.com/de_de/home.html) and STATWORX (https://www.statworx.com/de) and our very kind hosts Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. BIG BIG BIG THANKS! Without them, this standout event won’t be possible. LIVESTREAM|www.youtube.com/c/FrankfurtDataScience With Love, FFM Data Science, Women Techmakers and Women in AI Teams PS This time we won’t concentrate on techie stuff, it will be about showcasing use cases, ideas, inspiration and community wisdom discussion.

  • Music, Hippies & Jingle-Mingle

    New Campus Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

    Hi Pals, Rock-n-roll, hippies and community - this is what next meetup is about! This time more time for community self-driving interaction, networking and drinking, we ordered more beer ;) PROGRAM 1830 Doors open/socializing 1900 Talks start 2030 Socializing 2230 End LIGHTNING TALK: POWER OF DATA SCIENCE FOR HUMANITY On the stage Correlaid - 650 data science hippies, trying to change the world for good, recognized personally by Mutti Angela Merkel. Andre Lange, Head of Business Management at Commerzbank and data scientist will tell what they are really doing and will announce next big thing, and you can be part of it, yes YOU. https://www.linkedin.com/in/andre-lange-5a7290106 https://correlaid.org/en TALK: DEEP LISTENING OR DEEP LEARNING? Tamara is an audiophile, she enjoys listening to almost all kinds and sorts of music. Maybe you had same problem as she has, sometimes it is hard to cluster right music genre. In some respect AI was invented with an idea in mind to replace human cognitive abilities and skills. Best example recognizing road signs while autonomous driving. Easy task to make machine to learn based on training dataset created by humans. Now imagine music genre - amorphic substance that different people will characterize differently and sometimes only God knows based on what. Even people themselves won’t give you confident answer. What should machine do in this case? Tamara Fischer is a Senior Analytics Expert working at SAS will tell how to overcome erroneous learning data. https://www.linkedin.com/in/tamara-fischer-5a28012a SUPPORTERS: Thanks to our supporters SAS and STATWORX and our kind hosts Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. BIG BIG THANKS! Without them, this event won’t be possible. We are super excited to work together! As always LIVESTREAM|www.youtube.com/c/FrankfurtDataScience To get closer join our LinkedIn Group|www.linkedin.com/groups Yours / FFMDataScience Team

  • Codename 'DeepSky' or Cloning The Agents / It’s Not OK If Your Model Is OK

    New Campus Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

    'Difference between ML and AI: If it’s written in Python, it's probably ML, if in PowerPoint, it’s probably AI'- @matvelloso This time we have experienced folks on the stage. They know the difference and will share with us their learnings proved by time and industries. PROGRAM 1830 Doors open/socializing 1900 Talks start 2100 Socializing 2230 End *Snacks & beer reserved Talk #1: PROJECT DEEPSKY Mussie Beian is a Senior DS with PhD in Physics at zeroG and a long-time resident of our community. He will talk about games. Mussie is working on project with the codename ‘DeepSky’. Have you ever played real life simulators like SimCity for example? It’s something similar but more. It is his playful approach towards Reinforcement Learning. He and his team have created RL-Agent capable of playing airline business simulator Airbucks (check about game in the link below) which beats all best players in town. Moreover, this Agent became his best buddy when talking to business stakeholders and explaining WTF Reinforcement Learning really is, about it also in his talk. www.linkedin.com/in/dr-dr-mussie-beian www.zerog.aero/capabilities www.youtube.com/watch?v=uA0uHkI_PMU Talk #2: IT’S NOT OK IF YOUR MODEL IS OK Fabian Müller - Head of DS at STATWORX by day, and freaking hacker by night. If it is about DS, he prefers to think one step ahead. In the meantime, when many are dancing in ecstasy when their models perform well, he is doing acrobatics and heavy lifting at the same time to understand why it performs so, by getting deep into each and every detail. Result => robust and flexible solutions for business. In his talk: importance of understanding predictions and state-of-the-art methods to crack black-boxes, no more black-boxes. He knows his stuff, we all remember his talk on DL for predicting how your dream-partner could visually look like :) www.linkedin.com/in/fabian-m%C3%BCller[masked]b @fabianmmueller www.statworx.com SUPPORTERS: Thanks to our supporters SAS and STATWORX and our kind hosts Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. BIG BIG THANKS! Without them, this event won’t be possible. We are super excited to work together! As always LIVESTREAM|www.youtube.com/c/FrankfurtDataScience To get closer join our LinkedIn Group|www.linkedin.com/groups Yours / FFMDataScience Team

  • Space

    Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

    Hi Girls & Boys, Who wanted to be astronaut in childhood and went crazy about science fiction books and movies? Yes, not all of us became space explorers. They did, and we have them on our stage. Hell yeah, it’s space science! PROGRAM 1830 Doors open/socializing 1900 Talks start 2100 Socializing 2230 End *Snacks & beer reserved Talk #1: PROJECT CIMON Sophie Richter-Mendau is a psychologist researching future of human-machine-interaction by using benefits of psychometrical testing. She is a Technical Specialist for AI Solutions at IBM and designed the personality and voice interaction system of the Crew Interactive Mobile Companion (CIMON) to assist astronauts on the International Space Station. In 2018, German astronaut Alexander Gerst accomplished his second six-month mission to the International Space Station. On this mission, Gerst worked hand in hand with CIMON: The five-kilogram, 3D-printed, medicine ball-sized robot is the first astronaut assistant in space to be equipped with artificial intelligence and is a technology experiment for human-machine interaction in a cosmic setting. In this talk, you will learn about the first autonomously flying robot jointly created by Airbus, DLR and IBM and how AI technology is entering human spaceflights. www.ibm.com/thought-leadership/smart/de-de/ai-in-space www.twitter.com/sophierime www.linkedin.com/in/sophie-richter-mendau[masked] Talk #2: ML AGAINST SPACECRAFT AGING Luke Lucas is on the stage, brilliant Space Engineer and lifelong Mars explorer. How difficult is it to operate a spacecraft at Mars for 16 years every day? What are the challenges and how do they change with time? A threat to the Mars Express Orbiter mission lead to desperate measures and radical changes. Can the flight control team cope? If their know-how is enough, can the crowd help? Is Machine Learning really works on Mars? This is a talk from the first hands from a person who is personally responsible for the mission’s success or failure. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mars_Express https://kelvins.esa.int/mars-express-power-challenge Talk #3: DEEP BLUE GLOBE Mario Castro De Lera, Sentinel 3 Spacecraft Engineer at European Space Agency. From a hackathon to a startup, incubated at the ESA Business Incubator. Space entrepreneurship is booming. Mario will demonstrate how his creation ‘Deep Blue Globe’ is squeezing value from galaxy data. Petabytes of earth observation data are scrutinized using his clever data science methods to teleport innovation in space to maritime industry on Earth. www.deepblueglobe.eu www.linkedin.com/in/mario-castro-de-lera-3b988614 SUPPORTERS: Thanks to our supporters SAS and STATWORX and our kind hosts Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. BIG BIG THANKS! Without them, this event won’t be possible. We are super excited to work together in Space and on Earth! As always LIVESTREAM|www.youtube.com/c/FrankfurtDataScience To get closer join our LinkedIn Group|www.linkedin.com/groups Yours / FFMDataScience Team

  • People's Stories & Our Teasers for 2019 / Multilingual NLP From Lufthansa

    New Campus Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

    Hi Folks, We are here with you again and at our next meetup we will have good-old beer, super-interesting talk and something new - Stories. PROGRAM 1830 Doors open for networking 1900 Stories & talks start 2100 Get-together 2230 End Snacks & beer reserved for you PEOPLE’S STORIES In March, we are 5 years since we started this meetup, though for us it is always ‘Day 1’. Lots of things happened during this short or maybe for someone long term. We’ve invited few people from community, who will share their personal stories with everyone. Stories will uncover their thoughts and motivations why they are part of it, why they are coming to meetups, how they benefit out of it. Benefits are totally different(not only free beer;) : learning, finding job, networking, inspire and being inspired and more. Some stories are really really interesting. Details of most of them even we organisers don’t know and are intrigued to listen, cannot wait. We hope that it will help you to find out what you can get by being part of it, there is much more happening outside of events and planed in future. More details there at the event.. MULTILINGUAL NLP FROM LUFTHANSA This evening we have people from Lufthansa telling what they are working on. And use case is fantastic! Our speaker is Jean-Michel Lourier, Data Scientist and AI Technology Lead at Lufthansa Industry Solutions. He focuses on brining to life AI solutions in field of Smart Mobility. Jean-Michel will present AI that interprets multilingual feedback comments from flight attendances to gain valuable insights and to identify customer pain points automatically. The business case, development, processes and insights around this AI are all there. You have everything here: Use Case + Business Case + Interesting data generated by human beings that speak on different languages who are all different and full of emotions and biases + Unsatisfied customers that AI needs to help to please = Best recipe for the awesome talk, isn’t it? www.linkedin.com/in/jean-michel-lourier www.lufthansa-industry-solutions.com SUPPORTERS: Thanks to our supporters SAS and STATWORX and our kind hosts Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. BIG BIG THANKS! Without them, this event won’t be possible. We are super excited to be together in 2019! As always LIVESTREAM|www.youtube.com/c/FrankfurtDataScience To get closer join our LinkedIn Group|www.linkedin.com/groups/[masked] #FFMDataScience Yours / FFMDataScience Team

  • Co-meetup: AI & Data Science in Finance Vol. 2

    New Campus Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

    On January 24th, 2018 we wrote a bit of history. With three casual meetups we have put together an event with ~400 attendees, great speakers and startups from all over Europe… we have decided not to stop there and go into a 2nd round: On January 24th, 2019 Frankfurt Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and FinTech Meetups are teaming up to present the 2nd edition of their common “AI & Data Science in Finance meetup”. Again, the event will take place on the beautiful new campus of Frankfurt School of Finance and management (Adickesallee 32-34, 60322 Frankfurt am Main). You can look forward to the following: 18:00 – Doors open for networking and visiting stands 19:00 – Talks start 19:00 – Intro by founders and welcome note from Frankfurt School of Finance and Management 19:20 – KEYNOTE I MANUSCRIPTS DON'T BURN: RISK, UNCERTAINTY AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE by Stephan Werner, CEO and Co-Founder RISKLIO There is a difference between risks and uncertainty. If the Donald tweets about something this behaviour might be uncertainty for the markets… but can it be measured and transformed into a risk? www.linkedin.com/in/stephan-d-werner 19:40 – KEYNOTE II REAL WORLD USE CASES FOR BIG DATA ANALYTICS IN ANTI-FRAUD AND ANTI-MONEY LAUNDERING by Patrick Tomo Toeniges, Managing Partner at Consortix in DACH Criminals leave footprints in the data which can be traced and used to identify Fraud-Clusters. Patrick will demonstrate how AI/ML can be used in reality to put a stop to their game… www.linkedin.com/in/patrick-tomo-toeniges[masked] 20:00 – STARTUP PITCHES 3 startups applying AI to solve real world problems in finance will pitch and our attendees get the chance to vote for their favourite! Prizes are waiting too! Here are the combatants: JoS QUANTUM Exploring capabilities and applications of quantum computing for the financial industry and providing high performance software and algorithms to enable use and business cases for capital markets. www.jos-quantum.de | Twitter: @JoSQUANTUM Santiment Crypto insights for smarter investing. www.santiment.net | Twitter: @santimentfeed IntelScoring A system that provides automation of full credit scoring model - building cycle, taking its efficiency and speed to a new level. www.intelsofttech.com 21:00 – Networking, socialising, beer drinking… 22:30 – End Besides talks you will have a chance to visit stands in the foyer of SAS, Deloitte, H2O, Pitch Club, TechQuartier, RISKLIO and our pitching startups Such event would not be possible without our AWESOME supporters!!! This time big THANK YOUs go to… Our Main Supporter for tonight: SAS | www.sas.com/de_de | Twitter: @SAS_DACH And our Supporters: Deloitte | www.deloitte.com/de | Twitter: @DeloitteDE H2O www.h2o.ai | Twitter: @h2oai And of course to our kind hosts Frankfurt School of Finance and Management www.frankfurt-school.de | Twitter: @FrankfurtSchool Looking forward to a great evening and super excited to see you on January 24th! Your teams of Frankfurt Data Science FinTech in and around Frankfurt Artificial Intelligence Frankfurt

  • Xmas Meet & Greet With Glühwein

    CityXmas Weihnachtsmarkt

    Dear Community, We love to share Christmas mood! Let's meet up to have a cup or 2,3,4.. of glühwein, have a chat and fun. Join us at CityXmas Weihnachtsmarkt www.cityxmas.jimdosite.com Google Maps www.goo.gl/iZqXs5 IMPORTANT: No RSVPs and reservations! IT IS NOT ORGANISED OR SPONSORED EVENT! It is a place to meet, where you need to stand and drink and talk and maybe sing. Feel free to join. We will be waiting at the lit up reindeer. Jonas is the guy in charge, if you won't find the place just give Jonas a call [masked] Kudos to Jonas for taking care! Cheers, FFMDataScience Team & Jonas