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19 July Thursday - There's More to Life Book Club at Red Hill
There's more to life... A meetup for those who want to delve beyond the everyday chit chat and connect with other adults about the deeper and more meaningful aspects of life. We meet fortnightly in our private homes in both north and south Canberra. Our topic for a free flowing and open discusion is usually a book or article chosen by the group at a previous meeting. Typical topics would include psychology, spirituality, sociology and health. Bring an open mind, sense of humour and something to share with a cuppa. New members are always welcome. We welcome the honest sharing of truths, beliefs and opinions but not point - scoring debates and prostyletising. Please arrive 7:15 pm on time. Currently the book we are reading is …... “Conversations with God: An Uncommon Dialogue (Book 1)(1995)” ISBN[masked] by Neale Donald Walsh (publisher Hodder and Stoughton). The book is available at book stores or online and in various electronic formats for downloading. The audiobook is also available in CD or electronic formats at he same places and is also available on youTube here... Book club members have some copies of the above for loan. This fortnight our objective is to listen to the audiobook and/or read the first 2 chapters then reflect on its meaning to us individually in preparation for a discussion at our next meeting. The first chapter in is the longest in the book and is rich with ideas and concepts which may be new to some. The following may assist with your reflection. Concept 1. God communicates with us all the time. 1.1 What is “God” to me? 1.2 Generally what form do has communications take? 1.3 Do my communications need a 3rd party interpreter such as religions? 1.4 What's my experience? Have I had any such communications? Concept 2. Feelings are the language of the soul. 2.1 How do I “feel” about expressing my feelings? 2.2 How do I “feel” about others expressing their feelings to me? 2.3 What's the difference between feelings and emotions? 2.4 Is there such a thing as objective truth? 2.5 Was there a difference in the outcome of my decisions made through intuition instead of thinking. 2.6 How can I discern between thinking and intuition? Concept 3. Creation 3.1 Have you ever had a negative thought that impacted on your life? 3.2 What were the outcomes? 3.3 Have you ever had a positive thought or wish that impacted on your life? 3.4 What were the outcomes? There is no charge for this event. The total cost to the group for tonight's event is approximately $10. This consists of about $5 to the host to compensate for their out-of-pocket costs and about $5 towards fees paid by the group for the right to use the Free Form Meditation website. A donation box is available should you wish to assist with a gold coin donation according to your own circumstances. Donations are not compulsory. Any surplus over our costs donated will be deposited in the group's kitty to be used for future free events or where donations do not cover costs. This kitty is transparently accounted for by our honorary treasurer and checked by other organiser members.

Private Residence in Red Hill

You'll receive the address if you RSVP. Contact the organiser on the day before the meeting if you don't have the address · Red Hill


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Free Form Meditation is a supportive group of adults who come together each week to encourage, share and experience different styles and techniques of meditation in private homes and venues across Canberra.

While spiritual concepts can be involved, this is not a religious or political group nor is a particular style of meditation, attendance or involvement enforced. Our Values include; Respect, Compassion, Integrity, Transparency and Spiritual Independence.

Meditations will usually be from one of the following styles; Guided, Mindfulness, Breathing Focus, and Compassion. From time to time other meetings may be held on different days and times focusing on particular styles (eg. Active Meditation), Workshops, Beginners group, a particular meditation style group or Social gatherings.

A typical meeting of around 12 members involves one volunteer member leading the group in their preferred style in the home of another member. Meetings usually start at 6:30 pm on a Monday, Wednesday or Thursday and include up to a one hour presentation and meditation, a general discussion and a social chat over tea and snacks afterwards. Most meetings finish by 8:00 to 8:30 pm.

Our members come from all walks of life and meditation backgrounds from beginner to those with decades of experience. Most come to either try out the meditations, socialise with friendly and supportive like-minded people or share their experiences.

At a practical level members can contribute in various ways including: presenting, organising, providing venues, providing refreshments and contributing a gold coin donation each week to cover costs.

Facebook page blurb: All members are welcome to join our 'Free Form Meditation Canberra' Facebook page to share meditation related quotes, articles and events to help inspire and encourage one another.

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