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How To Become A Highly Successful Melbourne (Free)
The Fastest Way To Create a Fulfilling Lifestyle Changing People's Lives (And Earn $100k Or More In Your First Year) With Benjamin J. Harvey, Australia's Only 2 Time BRW Award Winning Coach. HOW TO BECOME A HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL COACH Sept 22, 2018 (Sat) 9:30am - 6pm Are you a manager or business leader? As you know it's important to have the ability to coach your team so that they reach their full potential. Building rapport, improving communication skills and encouraging your team to take action are all skills great coaches have. But did you know that you can actually coach YOURSELF to remove any roadblocks that are stopping you from achieving your goals? At this brand new event from Benjamin J. Harvey (Co-founder of Authentic Education) you'll discover.... 1. The 7 essential processes needed to be effective as a coach... - And then how to deliver those processes so that your clients see rapid & dramatic change. 2. How to package up your highest service to offer your clients - During the course you will actually create your own high-ticket coaching package so you can start accepting clients right away. 3. The 4 little known psychology frameworks to use as a coach - These are essential for coaching your clients (and yourself) so they reach their full potential 4. How to present your coaching offer without resistance... - Learn how to successfully sign up new clients without needing any tricky sales techniques. 5. Discover How To Attract A Flood Of New Clients Each Month - Discover the secrets Ben has learned after conducting 10,000+ hours of one-on-one coaching over the last 9 years as a coach. 6. The 6 step coaching process used to leverage your skills - Used by the world's greatest coaches, you'll be able to scale your coaching business through 1-to-1 and 1-to-many coaching. "How To Become A Highly Successful Coach" is for you if... 1) You are brand NEW to coaching and don't know how to get started with this amazing lifestyle business. OR... 2) You have an EXISTING coaching businesses and want to get more clients, and charge more for your services. OR... 3) People that want to ADD coaching as another service offering, or ADD coaching skills to their toolbelt as a manager or leader. Module #1: The 8 Key Functions To Activating Your Neurology - The high-level neuroscience behind building self-confidence and getting someone (including yourself) to take a positive action - How to activate your body and mind in a way that replaces self-doubt, anxiety & resistance... with utter self-belief … and much more Module #2: The 7 Essential Coaching Methodologies - Learn how to communicate with anybody (in any situation) with confidence and ease - Discover how to master your coaching skills so that create lasting change for yourself and your clients … and much more Module #3: Developing Your Coaching Package & Attracting Clients - The 5 step process to clarifing your passion and packaging it up to create a product or service - How to brand yourself and attract a never ending stream of your ideal clients … and much more Module #4: The 6 Step Process To Leverage Your Results - How to move people to action with your message... whether it's one-to-one or one-to-many - Discover the little known mindset tricks used by the worlds' best coaches, and how they are able to automatically scale their coaching … and much more Module #5: Secret Bonus Session - We know many people like to hang around at the end of our events, so if you're feeling inspired to stay a little longer then we have some secret bonus coaching content that you're really going to love! - PLUS.... throughout the day we'll be giving away over $20,000 worth of prizes, so make sure you don't miss out! *Early-Bird Registration Now Open! (Tickets are strictly limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first served basis.)

Rydges Exhibition

Broadway 186 Exhibition Street · Melbourne

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    What we're about

    Free Speed Networking Melbourne provides a fun, structured and professional environment for people to connect in the Melbourne.

    * This event started as Free Speed Networking Sydney ( and has expanded to Gold Coast and lovely Melbourne :)

    Why did the group start?
    Please read these questions...

    Have you ever been to a social or business networking event and got stuck talking to someone for ages and you were too polite to say anything?!

    Didn't know when or how to ask for someone's business card?

    Do you want to meet new people but don't feel like going by yourself?

    Have you ever had to sit through a long-winded speech at a Melbourne networking event which didn't even apply to you?

    If you can understand any of those, then that's how Free Speed Networking started.

    Why do people go?
    1. Business Networking - Expand your business through referrals, new business contacts and discussing anything else on your entrepreneurial mind!
    2. Career and Social Networking - Mix with like minded people in a fun environment.

    How is Free Speed Networking Melbourne different?

    Everyone will meet at least 10 different people a night

    Perfect for attending by yourself because everyone will be encouraged to meet someone new anyhow!

    We take the pressure of asking for the business card from you because it's built into the night!

    Structured evening - No wasted time with lengthy speeches or getting stuck talking to the same person for what seems like an eternity!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the format of the night? General networking, structured speed networking with about 5-7 mins per person, a short & practical speech in the middle of the night, brief thank you speech, optional general networking to finish the night! Please get there on time as our events run like clockwork!
    What if I want to continue talking to someone for longer than 5-7 minutes? You can do this in the general networking section at the end of the night. Also, you will most likely have their business card so you can connect anytime!
    What if I don't have a business card? We will have blank cards you can write your details on.
    What should I bring? Business cards, your friends, your radiant smile
    Is it free? Yes!
    What's the dress code? Casual clothing is allowed at the venue, but we recommend smart casual as it is a relaxed yet professional environment.

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