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Hosted by Stefan Molyneux, Freedomain Radio (FDR) is the largest and most popular Philosophy show in the world. (almost 3,100 podcasts; 250,000 youtube subscribers). Stefan has also authored several books which are free in .pdf and .epub formats on the website - fdrurl.com.

As a keen listener of FDR I have found it to be an articulate voice for things I had previously only felt in my gut and as such it has given me a way to connect with others who have the same vision. This is the purpose of this Meetup group. I believe it is supremely important for those that have a philosophical vision to meet one another and develop lifelong connections.

If this resonates with you and you are not already a listener of FDR, I encourage you to visit the website fdrurl.com and pick up the free books. You can also listen to one of the almost 3,000 podcasts either by downloading them from iTunes or at fdrpodcasts.com. A great place to start is to listen to one of the bi-weekly call-in shows.

Once you realise that you were already a philosopher, get in contact with me by sending a join request.
If you are already a listener and are looking to meet others like you, please request membership and come along to our next meetup. I personally look forward to meeting you, learning from you and growing with you.

See you at the next meetup!


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