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There can be many sources of ‘freak outs’ in life and it can be difficult to maintain balance. With so much to worry about our minds can be a crazy place, and sometimes we just can’t stop thinking. Exercising your mind is important, and we can help show you how.

Research has shown that practising Mindfulness produces benefits for psychological and physical health such as reduced anxiety, improved sleep, greater creativity, concentration, and memory.

Led by a psychologist, these groups offer you an opportunity to learn some simple ways to get your mind and life into shape through mediation techniques and topics such as creativity, redesigning your brain, love, and relationships.

We also hold yoga and meditation classes designed for newbies to these practices, and retreats in NSW and Bali for those who want to get away to get in balance!

We’re here to help you get your shit together.

Topics 2014
January All About Me:Who Am I and Why do I Need to Get My Shit Together?

February All About Me: The Science of Intelligence and How to Make Yours Work For You.

March All About Me: How to Banish Procrastination and Set Goals that Stick.

April All About Me: The Science of Love

May All About Me: Mindful Relationships and Communication

June Redesigning the Brain: Memory, what Memory?

July Redesigning the Brain: How to Solve Problems Better

August Redesigning the Brain: Improving Creativity

September Redesigning the Brain: How to Make Neuroplasticity Work For You

October Stress Management: The Science of Stress and Anxiety

November Stress Management: Dealing with the Blues

December Stress Management: How to Get Quality Sleep

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