Rueda de Casino ( Cuban Salsa) - Level 0 - Absolute Beginners

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Thursdays[masked]PM Absolute Beginners - Rueda de Casino (LEVEL 0)

Rueda de Casino is a style of salsa dancing that was created in Cuba many years ago. It is a dance for two or more couples, with one leader who calls out different movements or steps. When there are more than two couples the dance is done in Rueda (circle shape). This kind of dance is excellent for creating a social environment among the dancer or the people watching. At the same time, it is lots of fun!

✅ You don’t need to bring a partner. We rotate during class
✅ You don’t need to book – just rock on up!
✅ Wear comfortable clothing & shoes and bring your drink bottle

✅ Casual drop in class: $17
✅ Ask about our membership options & packages to get more bang for your buck!

New to our studio? Your first absolute beginner class with us is FREE!

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