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Gold Coast Powering Through Meetup Group is a group based on taking action. Everyone who attends a meeting will take home a blueprint for their next action to take.

Anyone who signs into this group will be called to attend regularly. Your action and your effort will determine your outcome.

We focus on solutions, getting things done in the best, most effective way. Where you will be seen, heard and guided to take the right action to achieve what you want.

In this group you can share your goals, dreams and desires and get the support and tools you need to achieve them through:

• Real, in-person conversations
• Open and honest intentions
• Always safe and respectful boundaries

In this group dreams and visions are welcome to be shared amongst like-minded men and women, who have stalled or found it difficult to achieve their goals.

In this group you will learn how to get your body and mind working enabling you to power through any blocks to your success.

This group is for you when:

☐ You feel stuck
☐ You know what to do and you aren’t doing it
☐ You want answers on what to do and how to do it.
☐ You are willing to learn how to be pro-active to get the benefits you want.
☐ You know continuing to be stuck is going to cause you increased pain.
☐ You want to learn the steps to power through anything holding you back.

Your body is amazing, it regenerates when you treat it well and degenerates when you treat it badly.

Likewise, your mind is amazing, you can program it to achieve whatever you want; Once you know how. But, while a positive mindset will help you get started, it won’t do it for you, only action will.

In this group you will learn how to:

☐ Set and achieve your goals.
☐ Recognise what has stopped you in the past and what you can do differently.
☐ Be understanding of yourself while challenging and overcoming old beliefs.
☐ Accept the power you have to change.
☐ And much more.

Facilitated by David Lomman, Naturopath/Specialised Hypnotherapist/Speaker and Advocate for Mental Health Naturally.

David has over 30 years experience as a Naturopath dealing with just about every emotional and physical issue under the sun. He has worked with the CEO's of some of the top businesses in Australia and has taught over 200 Health Practitioners Biochemical Analysis. An expert Hypnotherapist he uses his expertise to clear blocks and establish healthier self worth and his emotional clearing work has enabled thousands of clients to have a better life.

David brings to this group his experience and passion to help you learn the steps to take and how to action those steps to achieve what you want. All at your own pace and for your own benefit.

This is the group where you will learn how to love yourself and know your true value.

Where you will learn simple, easy steps to help you achieve what you want.

Where what you learn will be useful in every area of your life.

Thank you for taking the time to read this invitation and welcome to our Meetup Group. I look forward to meeting you soon.

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