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November Shared Writing Exercise (Non meeting - at home activity)
Hi everyone... apologies for getting around to this so late. This is a quick fun exercise introduced by Tricia at the October meeting, and is based on an app called Story Dice. All members of the group are welcome to join in on this activity regardless of whether you can make it to the monthly meetings or not. :-) Please note! I’m trialling a different option with the permissions of our shared Google document which might make it easier for non gmail addresses and other members of the group to access without having to supply their email address up front. We can see how it works and can discuss it at the meeting on Wednesday. To participate.. please enter the following link into your browser.. or you can private message me your email address so that I can add and invite you to the document, or RSVP to next weeks meeting and come along and read your story out aloud. Have fun with this exercise. Cheers, Amy

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What we're about

Welcome to the Gold Coast Writers Group. We are a relatively new group... still finding our feet to shape the group to fit your requirements. For the meantime our monthly meetings have been booked at the Broadbeach Library, for its quiet environment and central location. At this stage we are meeting on a monthly basis of a Wednesday afternoon. If you are happy to act as 'Meeter and Greeter' for a Northern or Southern get-together or for a different time slot please let me know and I will happily either post extra meetings or (in time) shuffle the main meeting to suit the requirements of 'the collective'.

In preparation for our monthly meetings, could I ask that you bring an open and generous mind. Also bring some information to share or be prepared to discuss something that you are struggling with that others may have some answers to?

* What knowledge are you lacking right now?
* What can you do off your own back to acquire knowledge in this area? Even if it's just a matter of googling 'writing, how do I make a start'.
* Follow your nose a little to determine what it is that would like to learn, practise or research.
* Bring your findings (no matter how small) back to the group so that we can all learn from you and share our findings, revelations, habits, processes and methods for keeping motivated and staying on track.

Also, please feel free to use the 'Discussions' or 'Comment' boxes to make any suggestions for improvements..or 'Private Message' me if you prefer. It could be that you'd prefer different meeting times, dates, venues.. Or it could be suggestions for meeting content / agenda, meeting structure, interesting activities and writing exercises.... anything really.. it's your group! I'd be so happy for you all to see yourselves as drivers of this group and just see me as 'the facilitator'.
So yes, please do think of this as YOUR group with the flexibility to grow in any direction. :-)

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