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Re activate the energy of our planetary city and ocean reserve of light
We re activate and strengthen the perimeter of our established planetary city of light and our ocean reserve of light. .We also present a guided meditation to send thoughts of balance and harmony to Mother Earth. She listens to humanity's requests. .We will meet in Helensvale once a month on a Sunday afternoon. Meditation will begin at 1.30pm sharp so please arrive by 1.15pm. I hope you can find an hour in your very busy lives for Gaia. Blessings Jane

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What we're about

Hello all,

A few questions for you.

Are you interested in developing your spirituality and expanding your consciousness?

Are you curious about the galaxy and what or who is out there?

Do you have a healing attitude towards the planet and all life forms?

Can you hear the planet; can you sense her energy?

Are you interested in doing high level planetary work with a truly dedicated group of lightworkers?

If you have answered yes to any of those questions then you could be interested in joining us.

Australia has an interesting place in the new world. We are self independent. We are isolated and more self contained. We create greater ideas. Australia has the most talented group of Starseeds on the planet. We are a bright, active and creative starseed group and we would love you to join us. We focus on Biorelativity for Earth healing. So what is Biorelativity? It is the ability to interact with the Spirit of the Earth with higher consciousness. A planet cannot ascend by herself. A planet must have higher thought forms, higher beings on it. On a different level, Biorelativity can create unity consciousness and a unified energy field. the creation of Planetary Cities of Light all through the Gold Coast is another part of our commitment to Gaia.

While doing this Biorelatively work for earth as Planetary healers, you also receive a download of healing and expansion. Your abilities as light workers will increase through this work by expanding your consciousness.

We look forward to welcoming you and your commitment to Mother Earth and to yourself.

Blessings Jane

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