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Come As You Are - A Discussion of Female (and Male) Sexuality
Emily Nagoski's groundbreaking book, Come As You Are, has received an overwhelming reaction from women around the world who finally feel validated for being who they are. A truly insightful and thought provoking book, this is information that all women (and men who would like to understand women better) should know. This meetup will take on a discussion style, where I will read and explain important parts of the book and then discuss your experiences, thoughts and feelings. Some of the areas we will cover include: - How your brain has a sexual accelerator, and a sexual brake - How men and women respond differently to sexual stimulus, though there is no definitive 'normal' - How context affects your sexual desire, particularly for women - The difference between sexual interest and sexual pleasure - The importance of completing the 'stress cycle' - How treating yourself with kindness and compassion improves your sex life - The meaning of noconcordance and how it can help you - Why sex is a desire, not a drive - How orgasms happen in your brain, not in your genitals, and how to have more of them! Though the book is directed at women, there is plenty of information relevant for men as well. So I encourage both women and men to come along and join in (though you can simple sit and listen if you prefer not to share). If you have read the book, or would like to read it prior to the meetup, I would love to hear your thoughts on what the book meant to you. This is a free meetup beginning at 7pm for a meet and greet, with the talk starting at 7.30pm. So please, come along early, grab a drink or even a meal from the downstairs bar, and come up and join us. I look forward to seeing you there!

The Rose Hotel

406 Napier Street · Fitzroy

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    Happy & Healthy Relationships is a relaxed, interactive meetup where we help each other through learning, sharing, support and having fun.

    We are a group of like-minded people whom all want to create and maintain amazing relationships.

    So, who is this meetup for? Absolutely everybody!

    You may be in a troubled relationship, or you may be in a good relationship but want to make it great, or you may be recovering from a breakup, or you may be single and looking to improve all aspects of your life. Whatever your circumstance, whether you are married, single, separated or divorced, this meetup is for you!

    Each month we have a new topic for discussion such as:

    • Understanding what makes a successful relationship
    • The intrinsic differences between females and males, and their needs and desires in a relationship
    • How to improve all your key relationships
    • Unblocking relationship barriers
    • Learning from the past, not living in it
    • The importance of good communication and great sex in a happy and healthy relationship

    Our meetups are informative, entertaining, and almost always free. You will learn how to create positive behaviours that will lead you toward the love that you desire, and also identify the fears, limiting beliefs, and sabotaging behaviours that push love away.

    The meetups are also an opportunity to meet lots of great people who, similar to you, want to get the best out of their relationships. At the end of each meetup those who want to stay and socialise can and do. No matter what your circumstances, you will find the group friendly, supportive, and FUN!

    About your hosts:

    Matt Glover is a fully qualified Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and Ericksonian Hypnotherapist. Founder of Happy and Healthy Relationships, he specialises in helping people build, and re-build, happy and fulfilling relationships. He is on a mission to assist as many people as possible to enjoy amazing relationships.

    Hamish Bayston is a fully qualified coach specialising in assisting people suffering from PTSD, depression and other life challenges to create their ideal life and relationships.

    Natalie Martin is a life coach specialising in helping people overcome trauma in their lives. Having dealt with great trauma in her own life, Natalie has a deep understanding of how trauma affects both yourself and your relationships.

    Awareness is the key to discovering how to have the relationship that you've always dreamed of. Join Matt, Hamish and Natalie in learning how to create Happy and Healthy Relationships today!

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