What we're about

Hike - Exclusive is the friendly, exclusive, rule-led community of outdoor enthusiasts who don't like to leave urban area. It bring people together to explore the rare paths and hidden gateways with a focus on exclusive views/places/food. Located in Australia, we plan trips in and around - but not out of - Sydney.

About the walks:

• Directions - through Sydney or its far suburbs, never bush

• Distance - always more than 12km

• Time - we never plan a trip

• Grade - through typical Sydney's hills

• Transport - always close to public transport/sources of food and leasure

• Food - stops in pubs/cafes, welcome to show trusted places, don't breakfast


Every person participating in an activity conducted by the group does so as a volunteer in all aspects, and as such accepts responsibility for any personal injury, however incurred. The group, its office bearers and walks leaders cannot accept liability in regard to any injury or damage.


The entry fee for each of the trip is $25.

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