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Let's train for effective self defence with internal power
There are three sections of training each night. First section focuses on building the internal power framework where work on structure, positioning and power generation. The second section focuses on tactical framework where we explore all different self defence situation and we incorporate sparring, including full protective gear for pressure sparring at certain times. The third section focuses on automation through sticking hands including free flow sticking hand sparring. Casual rate: $35 (pay as you train) Term fee: $220 (average $22 per night, saving of $13 per night) We go by school terms. When the schools have their holidays, we also have our holidays.

Pennant Hills Station

Yarrara Road · Pennant Hills


What we're about

We train in realistic street self defense using Ip Man Wing Chun as the tactical framework and Yang Taiji as the internal power framework. The tactical framework focuses on strategic positioning, leveraged structuring, simultaneous defence and attack, capturing centre of power and automatic defensive shield. The internal power framework focuses on generating maximum power through structure rather than body mass; it is about discovering the optimal body structure that transmit forces to and fro the ground effectively.

The skills acquired can help in any physical activities apart from self defence, e.g. sports,gardening, manual work etc..

So this group is suitable for anybody who want to learn effective street self defense with the added bonus of enhancing efficiency in any physical activities.

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